Thursday, September 25, 2008

Unexpected Milestone

Wow, this was a total surprise! Genea came home from a school field trip missing a tooth! I was not expecting this for another year. I had no time to talk up the tooth fairy and she didn't know about it. The things she doesn't know about still catches me off guard. Her class went to an apple orchard and she tells me all of a sudden her tooth was just gone! I can't believe she just went about her day. Yesterday she had a meltdown because I gave her too many oranges for a snack. Suddenly realizing that a large chunk of your mandible is mysteriously gone leaving a mildly painful hole, NO PROBLEM!

Now I have to decide if I should slip some coins under her pillow. I think I will, I think she understood when I tried to explain fairies flying around kids houses looking for teeth! I love stuff like this- so much fun.

Since I was doing a picture I thought I would add this one in just cuz it is so cute. They both insisted they did not need a nap. I love how their hair mingles in the middle and you can't tell the difference!

If the pictures come up too small you can double click them to get a really big shot (Ihope).

****Note from the next day 9/25, we talked up the tooth fairy all night long and I did slip 4 quarters under her pillow. She was really surprised and came running out of her room all excited this morning. After about 2 minutes she looks at me and gives me the "you don't think I'm falling for this" look and says, "It was you guys, wasn't it? C'mon tell the truth!"
She is SUCH a linear little thinker and just so danged SMART!


  1. How funny. Some of my kids believe that the Dairy Fairy is responsible for leaving the gifts under their pillows.

  2. HA! The Dairy Fairy would really freak out my girls! We live in Wisconsin and go by farms every day. They would be picturing cows flying around houses looking for teeth.


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