Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Mind Works in Mysterious Ways

I have the type of brain that sort of free-flows along and wiggles around little idea's all day. This happens whether I want it to or not (actually this is called Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, Primarily Inattentive Type). So I could be talking to The Husband about what time he will be home which bops to dinner on a plate, to: Fiesta Ware just came out with a new color, to: I still want to paint the laundry room to: I think a cat pee'd in there to: there is pee in my carpet to: I need to send the kids to my parents this weekend so I can douse that disgusting nasty carpet with loads of chemicals and rent a shampoo-er and have all the stink and toxins out by the time they come home. Really, it goes about exactly like that, only in a nano-second. Like, in the time it takes The Husband to finish telling me what time he will be home, I am already washing the carpet.

That leads me to the subject here. I was wiping my butt today and I was thinking, this TP sucks. I know there is way worse, I mean it is not like using a coffee filter, but this is Charmin and should be cushier at least. It was on sale which is why I bought it at all. It is the basic model, no bells or whistles. I usually buy the extra soft which suprisingly, turns out to be really much softer than the regular.

Then I thought about people cutting back on expenses these days with the economy and price of gas etc. And I thought to myself, Self, I don't care how bad things get we will skimp on bread and buy generic peanut butter but if this country continues to bleed money all over the world the black market thing I will risk prison for is going to be that lovely extra soft Charmin.

Anyone else have a luxury item worthy of risking prison?

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  1. Your blog was so interesting,and funny.I read the whole thing,and ignored my kids .Now they're dressed in shorts and its 50 degrees outside.Thanks for letting me read it- send it again with the funny,yet necessary directions so I can get to it!See you Fri or Sat-


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