Friday, September 19, 2008

Learning curves

I thought I was prepared to adopt a 4 year old with special needs while also having an ahem, "spirited" 2 year old in the house. Really, I thought, if the average child takes 6 months to settle in, then we should be good after about 3 months. (Seriously, I was THAT DUMB!) After all, we had read all the books and done everything possible to facilitate the move. We had teams of therapists and psychiatrists. We had transition visits and objects set up and did everything we were told to do.
Evidently, no one told Genea.
So when she arrived finally for good, last June, it was about 2 in the afternoon. Our honeymoon period lasted until after her nap. She then went WILD. Pointing these factors out is my little way of excusing myself for what comes next.
I was exhausted. Within a few days, I felt like a zombie. We had built up some structure and it was dinner, jammies, tv/ play time, then bed. In the evening The husband and I had put on one of our favorite shows, Law and Order. Since in our experience our 2 year old only watched tv if she heard elmo or a tele-tubby and she would go into a trance but otherwise could not care less.
Without my even noticing, the character Lenny said something about someone "talking out of his ass". My new DD immediately turned around, looked at me and clearly confused, said "talking out of his ass? Nooooooo!" At this point I am laughing too hard to intervene with an appropriate redirection because she has bent over and sticking her butt up in the air, and grabbed her butt cheeks. She is upside down and trying to talk out of her rear end and I am picturing in my head how her little concrete- thinking brain has to be visualizing all this.
Ah, I was SO not prepared!

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