Monday, September 22, 2008


(slow paced rant warning)
I am tired.
This morning The Husband was going into work later than usual and I smelled an opportunity to go to Target and get some returns taken care of that would be hard with kids along, as well as run some errands. Alone that is. So, I asked, and we arranged, and planned and I left at 10:45 and needed to be back by noon (I thought it was noon).
I used up too much time coupon and clearance shopping for a bunch of crap I did not even want (windex, shit like that) and got to the register at like 11:45. So now I am really frustrated because that is not enough time to stop at Starbucks and that is the one thing I was looking forward to until, like, Thursday when the new season of Survivor starts. I have this one last little thing I do as a normal person, not a child-centered or house based or husband-considering action, just me going for a damn overpriced but so good cup of coffee. I am unloading my cart when The Husband calls. Now, even though I am trying to rush I have to stop what I am unloading which is a bunch of shit I don't care about and pull out my purse and try to find the phone in its little pocket while standing there in line to answer to someone else in the middle of what I am trying to do. I am so pissed off and disgusted that I just turn it off and pick up the message as I am leaving. "Uh... don't know where you are, I am worried that you are not back yet and I was supposed to leave at 11:30 so call me back. "
I don't know why, but this was the last straw. I am livid and frustrated and overwhelmed that I cannot even spend a stinking HOUR in the stinking TARGET without having to ASK to go and ARRANGE it around someone else all to buy a bunch of CRAP that I don't want because it is just a bunch of stuff to use to clean up after everyones MESSES that they don't clean up themselves.
I'm TIRED of having to ASK to go out anywhere
I'm TIRED of not getting enough sleep because someone is snoring or someone is having a nightmare or someone woke up way too early and doesn't want to be "alone" or a cat is trying to sit on my head so he can lick the bed frame.
I'm TIRED of having to move a step stool every time I want to use the sink or toilet.
I'm TIRED of having 4 people using one bathroom because the other one broke over a year ago and we still don't have the money to fix it.
I'm TIRED of being interrupted at everything I do to take care of someone else OR deal with their tantrum when I DONT allow them to interrupt.
I'm TIRED of people asking if I am done yet and I am not done yet, because that person keeps interrupting or humming or chattering or singing and so I canNOT concentrate.
I'm TIRED of PEE everywhere. In the carpet, on furniture, somewhere in the kids room I have not figured out yet, and next to the toilet.
I'm TIRED of putting away the same stupid laundry I just put away last week.
I'm TIRED of being followed every single time I get up or move and being followed so closely that I either trip or run over a kid and then they cry or they step on my foot and I cry.


And, yes I know I am blowing this all out of proportion and I should probably be grateful for having a toilet to stick a stool in front of with 2 beautiful children and all that other stuff. I am. But today, I am tired.

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