Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Too True Tues(day)

Hey guess what? It's time again for TTT! I don't remember what number this one is, and as Kate  lovingly pointed out my numbering skills are so sad anyway, I would probably get it wrong. Too True Tues(day) is your chance to tell it like it is! Break down those barriers! Let it all hang out and set your spirit free by confessing your super secret secrets on alternating Tuesdays and sharing it with the world! This week we are letting the world know how cool of parents we would all be if it weren't for these children we have. For example, I am so cool I let my children have lollipops for no good reason except I love them and they love lollipops and one of them did not finish so she tried to hide it in the back of her closet for later. It was a good hiding spot except for if you happen to be an ant, in which case you found it immediately.

Here I go.

I figured I would be the sort of cool parent who doesn't mind a mess. The sort that lets her children express their artisitic souls without tether to earthly concerns. Art is not precise! Art is beauty and charm and grace and love and expression of the mind body and spirit! It is not organized! It is not bound by rules!

The beauty and grace and charm in mountains and valleys made from glitter however, is questionable. The first person to call it innovative sculpture gets a visiting kid for summer vacation. And while I may have spent an hour trying to take a cool looking photo of glitter, this picture is merely wishful interpretation. Because the real Glitter City was built on my floor. My thirty year old parquet floor. Not old as in antique or pretty. Old parquet as in chipped and grooved with perfect glitter holding ruts. For oh, about the next 100 years. Because if there is one thing guaranteed to outlive roaches and plastic, it's glitter. It doesn't go away. And in the quantities and scale we had, it will never go away. We could move, but unless we left in haz- mat suits, it would cling to skin and clothing and come with us anyway. Red glitter. For anyone who is wondering by the way, I was not the parent in charge and I was not the parent who okay'd the use of glitter..... ever.

So there you have it! Now what you do is tell your own funny story about how you were supposed to be a cool parent but your kids or your dog ruined it for you, on your own blog. You link my blog and briefly describe TTT. Then you come back here and fill in your information on Mr. Linky there. Fun! Also, I am probably going to retire TTT in the next few weeks so make it a good one!

I do believe that if you are using a reader you will have to come directly to my blog to see people's links.


  1. Aaaw, I shall miss TTT, but I was wondering from your posts if it was becoming more stressful than fun. I have enjoyed it while it lasted! :-D That's OK, I guess you'll just have to bring all the awesome yourself!

  2. Glitter is like herpes.Once you have it, it never really goes away.

  3. Someone, not me, made the mistake of allowing my children to use glitter and GLUE on my tile top table. Guess what? It never ever comes off. I have pink glitter glued into the grout of that table FOREVER! Not cool. And I guess that makes me not cool for thinking it's not cool. My Grandmother was a professional artist and my mother is an artist as well. I think I must take after my Dad, I believe he was anti-glitter as well. :-)

  4. Retire TTT? Aaah, I love TTT! Terrible at participating, but still love it.

    You know what I hate almost as much as glitter? Play-dough.

  5. Ok, I'm cracking up about the red glitter in the wood floor grooves....I have a beautiful kitchen table with a distressed finish (which means grooves, nooks, and crannies). I was NOT quick enough to put down a cloth when my kiddos decorated their gingerbread houses last Christmas. I am now looking at Red Sugar Sprinkles, crammed down in the cracks!

    If only the ants would come and devour them....

  6. But doesn't this assume we at one point thought we would be cool? I was surprised at how quickly I remembered visions of the coolness I would have been, and I realized that yes, the word "cool" is appropriate -- although I've never wanted to be cool at anything! How odd. Anyway, I posted and linked.

  7. Glitter is the Devil's confetti.

  8. ha! love MamaKate's response. so true, so true...

  9. Very creative post! I was inspired. It practically gives one reason to rant. And, your picture is lovely.

  10. I had another Tuesday. Why is it Tuesday? I thought it was Mondays or full-moon days.


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