Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Answers Part 1

Ok, I am going to divide this up over a few posts so it doesn't clog your reader in one super extra long post (it will clog you for days on end instead). So I am starting with the first and will just keep going! You can still get a question in whenever you think of one (you know who you are.... all of you).

Givingherallshesgot says......
How did you get to be so awesome? No? Not qualifying as a question? OK...
What is the ideal job you can imagine right now? Like, all reality and economy aside.
Have you tried to dye any rugs or other furniture/accessories lately? *snort*

 Have I ever told you you are my favorite?
Reality and economy aside I would love to work as a TV Reviewer! Brownie Taster is another dream job.
Does my hair count as a rug? Because I am having trouble dying it lately, to cover the rapidly increasing grays.

GB's Mom says......
Have you considered with Genea entering serious school, you might not want a full time job right now? And the insurance thing is still out there. Maybe trying to be a freelance author would suit you. Just questions...

Excellent points, no great answer! I know the insurance thing is such a wretched situation. If I do look for a job it is going to have to be flexible with hours, which is not easy. Freelance writing would be awesome, I would just need to be paid.

Mama Drama Times Two says....
Insurance, employment options...I dunno. What I do know is that I am so very grateful you blog and keep it real (and funny as hell) for all of us crazy Mommas!
I dunno either! Seriously!
And, thank you so very much! Same to you!

Advocate Mom says.....
What work did you do before? Can you imagine going back to it?

Ah, my dear, dear Advocate Mom. My old job was as a therapist for 2 intensive in-home therapy programs. One was for Autism treatment, the other for Severely Emotionally Disordered children and teenagers. Yes, I would go back to it and have even been invited. However, most of the kids are seen during after school hours and I would much prefer daytime so the girls would not have to be in a child care situation again.

Kerrie says......
1. Do you want to hang out over Christmas? We spend it in Menominee and always venture into GB for the annual Chuckie Hell visit.
2. Is that considered stalking?

TOTALLY! I would love to hang out over Christmas! I don't know what Chuckie Hell is but it can't be worse than these endless school vacations. No I don't think that is considered stalking but if it is, I will just add you to the list ha ha.

Kate says......
Hey, now. I'M all over the world. Don't I, loyal reader that I am, count?
I zoned out during the math part.
How many different times/ways have you contacted Oprah? Have you asked to be a guest?

Yeah Kate, I know you are all over the world. YOU are who I was talking about when I said I wanted to be a world famous blogger and have readers all over the world! Well, you and Canada makes all over the world.
I zoned out during the math part too. It took me 3 days to write it.
Mmmm, Oprah. Okay, I have emailed letters, and called, and filled out the forms on her website for specific shows. It's not really set up to suggest myself as a guest however that is my last choice anyway. I would be terrified to be an actual guest but would do it if it were something important. Such as older child adoption, attachment disorders and/or disrupted international adoption. You know, light subjects.

Okay, that's it for today. More to come, and don't forget you can still get a question in before I close it all off for another year!


  1. Hehe, you're my favorite, too! There are over 50 posts lined up in my reader, and yet I'm keeping up on you! :-) (Sorry to everyone else :P )

  2. But you DO know where Chuckie Hell is! You know, the world's most overstimulating place for children, especially ours, with the mouse and the ticket machine where only one side of it works and your daughter has torn up all her tickets so you have to feed them in one by one and it takes FOREVER but you daughter needs NEEDS a plastic ring because if she doesn't get one, what will she lose in the car on the way back to Grandma's? Chuckie Cheese. See you there! YAY!

  3. OHMYGOSH Ess! You cannot be a therapist at home and a therapist at work. That would be too much! Wow! A therapist! I have new love and respect!

  4. Here's a more fun one:

    What is your least favorite body part? (I meant on people in general, not on you.)

  5. It's not witty or funny but

    Would you ever learn to cook?

  6. Mmmmm....brownie taster. Now there's a job I would love.

    You could always start teaching RAD mommy classes during the day while all the kids are in school. :)

  7. OK, for when you're answering my question, I think I meant to say " get you TO the Oprah show..." because you mentioned in a post awhile back that you didn't really want to be a guest ON Oprah except as a last resort.

    It would just be so cool if you could get your Oprah wish, so please try to think of something that our group cause could do to get you there!

  8. Kerrie, please be respectful to La Chuck. A place that feeds my children and entertains them for hours is only a good thing imo! We love La Chuck here and consider it fine dining. Oh yeah, and they serve beer at ours!!!!

  9. I'm with Lisa for the job thing...however, I'm MORE with the person who suggested that "real" school is a killer. Honestly, you are suddenly having to march to the beat of someone else's drum, unless you want to teach your child (as I am oh-so-often-tempted to) to "forget the *&$# homework; it is stupid anyway!!!"

    Unless you put the money you earn on Montessori education because they wisely believe that the school day is like the work day and ends at the end of it because there are great learning opportunities at home, too!

  10. I'm sure to think of a question too late. That's me.


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