Saturday, May 8, 2010

Continuing with the A's from the Q's!

Moving right along....
From BT
My question: Can your conniving brain think of anything all of us followers of yours could do to help get you on Oprah

Ya know, I wish I had a good idea, or even a crummy one. I got nothing! Well, I mean people could take out a full page ad in the Chicago Tribune but that is going to be pricey. Anyone?

Rachael asks
Ok...I thought of a better question:
When you were a kid, what did you imagine you would be when you were grown-up?
And, similarly...

What career do you imagine Teena and Genea in as adults?

I don't remember exactly what I wanted to be. I think I wanted to be independently wealthy, seriously! When I was maybe 12 or 13 I read the book "One Child" by Torey Hayden and then I wanted to be her. Which, I sort of did. I also vaguely wanted to perform on Broadway with no real or imagined talent.
I imagine Teena as a lawyer but the other day she was talking in her sleep and was saying "make the numbers come back, bring the numbers back" and she loves to do math (brag alert: she is in 4K and can add 3 numbers together in her head, like I tell her 8+ 6+ 3 and she gets it right! brag over). So maybe medicine? Genetic research?
Genea, I was laughing with someone that she will never move any further away from us than the garage. We have good colleges here in town thankfully! I imagine her strongly being a good lawyer also, probably a prosecutor. Maybe a doctor, she is always interested in medicine and she never gets sick. I would love for her to sing on Broadway (brag alert: she really has an excellent singing voice, not just saying that as her mom! brag over) and live my unlived dreams. Obviously I would have to go with her.
Why law or medicine? I don't know, I just realized that now!

Ashley and Henry write.....
Hi! I've been reading your blog because I'm very interested in older child adoption and adoption from disruption situations.My question is: When you adopted Genea, did you change her name? If so, did she help choose the new name? How did you transition her to a new name?

HI! How exciting for you both! Okay, "Genea" and "Teena" are the girls stage names. Genea came to us at the age of 4 so she was pretty attached to her real name by then.  Here is how it goes.... "Genea" is the slightly Americanized version of the name her Ukrainian birth mother gave her, the original adopting parents kept it that way. Her middle name, we'll say it's Violet, was given to her by the original adopting parents to honor the fathers grandmother. Then we gave her our last name. So I thought it was really cool that she had a name from each of the significant families in her life. But now I wish we would have changed the middle name because the previous adopting father is such a vile piece of it.

Secret Pepper Person asks......
Um...What's your favorite color?
Do you like Thai food? 
If you were stranded on a desert island what vegetable would you choose to be stranded with?
Oh, I'm sorry...were these questions supposed to be related to your post?

It was purple but now that I swim in pink and purple, it's turquoise!
Not sure. Probably.
Hmmmm. Is chocolate a vegetable?
Nope. LOL!

It's the Wife says.....
What does your husband do for work? What's going on with that crazy guy across the street? Do your kids know about your blog? Maybe they are too young to understand what a blog is...? Does your family/friends know about it? Do they read it? What do they think about it?

He sells insurance!
Jack Ass has been laying really low. I have legally inappropriate fantasies but I probably should not say any more.
My girls are too young to understand "blogging" for what it is, they know and complain about my computer time though!
A few family and a few friends know and read. Mostly they don't say anything to me about it although my sister read that I wanted a new Coach handbag yesterday and called my mom to tell her. So my mom calls me to tell me she has a coupon and I was like, WWWWWWWWWWWWwoooooo hooooOOOOOO, but then she said I would have to pay her the cost after the coupon. Totally deflated my high. Anyone?

Forty- something Chick saysssssssssss
Also wondered if you could use your previous experience and cater towards families with newly diagnosed autistic kids who aren't in school yet. That way you could do that during the morning hours, maybe write the book in the afternoon!

Hmmm, that is a great idea!

Kate strikes again with....
What is your least favorite body part? (I meant on people in general, not on you.)

On anyone, me or anyone else, FEET are my least favorite body part. They should be covered at all times in my opinion. Everyone who owns feet on the planet should be required to learn how to knit cute socks and keep those nasty things covered with pretty hand knits. 
Of course the exception is babies. Baby feet are adorable. The age that they get ugly depends on the child.

Here is J......
It's not witty or funny but, Would you ever learn to cook?
Sigh. SIGH. Triple triple triple sigh. Okay J. I am going to make a confession here. I don't want this getting out and I will know who did it if I hear it mentioned on the news or something. SIGH!!!! I can cook. I know how to use my oven. I can make pretty food, nice food and good tasting food. But if people know this they are going to expect me to do it, so for the love of lettuce  DON't tell anyone! Honestly, it got out that I can make chili and now people are like rabid about it and I have to make it all the time!
Food should never take longer to cook than it does to eat, and in my house that is 15 minutes.
I don't like it and I'm not going to do it. Just because I CAN jump off a bridge doesn't mean I SHOULD!

OKAY then, that about wraps it up for this years round of questions! Quite a few people mentioned writing a book which is SO COOL! And a LOT of people had fabulous compliments, which I love and adore and re-read all the time. So, if you think of something last minute that you want to know you can get it in on the comments of this post, otherwise you will have to wait until next year. Don't even ask what color my eyes are come June, cuz I am closed!
(But, I'll forget I even said that come July, so you know, just hang in there!)


  1. Just want to say hello!! I believe we are both from the beer and cheese state. Ha! I found your site through Corey's.

    Love your blog. You are hilarious..with a capital H.

    I'm sure it's written somewhere here, but did you adopt through the foster care system? Just wondering. I have been "gathering information" on our state's foster to adopt site. Gathering only :-)

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Essie!!


  3. Thanks De! Same to you!

    Hi Sara- we adopted Genea "privately" but we did have to get a foster license for the time when she was placed with us but before finalization. So she was a foster child with us for about 10 months. But it was weird because we were licensed for 1 child age 3-4. It was specific to Genea only. And, NOT paid.

    Good luck!

  4. Hehe! My husband hates feet too. If I want to annoy him, I'll touch his stuff with my feet. Yesterday he dropped a Combo, and it was on the carpet so he was probably considering eating it, until I picked it up with my toes. ;P

  5. I'm in shock that you can cook. You've been holding out on me girlfriend.


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