Friday, May 7, 2010

Q & A part 2

Okay, here we go. I'm just going to get right to it.

Lisa says.....
Me thinks you should write a book. And I expect the first autographed copy.

Well now THAT's a cool idea. I am going to think about that!

Mom In the Trench says.....

Have you considered plopping yourself right at the door of CPS or some over zealous therapist or some international adoption agency and staying there till they grant you a two hour time slot twice a week to educate PAPs and APs on the realities older child adoption? You could call the class, "Essie the Effing Enlighterner" or something.

I have not considered that, however I do love the class title suggestion. It might be worth it just to use that name somewhere!

Maury says.....
Are you as funny in person as you are on this blog? Are we just the special ones that get to be entertained each day??

Yes, you are. If you need clarification you can ask my mother who has said to me repeatedly throughout my life "you're not funny". LOL!

K Mom says....
Have you considered writing a book? Something like Our Awesome Beautiful Colorful world of raising Alphabet children. [Sorry, just woke up...need coffee]

I'm considering it even more now! I need more coffee too!

De says.....
Would you ever consider homeschooling?

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEigh! The thought! It's burning my brain!
*Sigh*, yes actually I have considered it and would do it if one or both of my kids would benefit from it. I actually wrote a post about that a while back, I'll see if I can find it.

Rachael has a few questions......
What is your educational background? (That's not my "question" question...I'm just thinking about this book idea...) I think you definitely could write a book: something along the lines of how you used humor and common sense and empathy to keep yourself sane while healing your traumatized child and excorcising the wango-tango.
Question: How does parenting affect your relationship with your husband? Do you see eye-to-eye on dealing with the wango-tango? Does it put stress on your relationship? If so, how do you handle that? Oh, and does your husband read your blog?

Hope that's not too personal. If so, then multiple choice: What's your dream vacation, or...tell us about that handbag obsession.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Communication Disorders and Sciences (didn't think I would say that did you, lol!)
Definately thinking about a book now!
Yikes, The Husband thing! Well truth is, we are quite similar on parenting and we balance each other well. If I am getting too punitive he will often step in and take over and vice versa. I tend to go easy on the "soft" things, like not eating your food because it smells funny or has "crumbs" on it (texture issues) where he  is like, try the stinking food kid! But definately when the kids are stressing me out, the Wango Tango has been going on for hours, I will take out my frustration on him and he does not appreciate it. Likewise, and vice versa again. But, as time goes on we react less, the kids are getting much better, and we try to see the humor in it all which helps a lot. He does not read my blog that I know of but he knows it exists.
As to part two, I would love to take a Mediterranean cruise for like, 2 or 3 weeks. Otherwise anything involving a beach, awesome warm weather and cheap drinks will work.
Oh my handbags. I loooooooove a Coach bag and have been using them for about 20 years (eek!). Dooney and Burke, and Kate Spade come in #2 and 3. Were you thinking of donating to the cause? Because there is a Coach bag (the Julia op art in yellow and silver) that I could die for. The Kate bag I was dying for is evidently sold out which doesn't matter because it cost $500!

Okay, phew, more later!!!!!

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  1. Essie the Effing Enlightener--Now that has possibilities!!

    ps...i heart coach bags too!


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