Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

This may or may not have been said in a house near mine.

It's Mothers Day- that means you go get on Daddy's nerves today!


  1. Although that wasn't actually SAID here, certain loving husbands may have given certain mommies a certain dispairing look after spending the afternoon with a certain Princess "helping" him with home repairs. And he may have said, "you better know how much I love you."

    I do. Oh, I do.

  2. Ha ha. I love that Mother's day plan...that is a good one!

  3. Ha! Love it.

    I used my mother's day to extort yardwork without complaining out of my little darlings (and my husband!) It was great!

  4. HAHAHAHAHA!!! No sinsister, evil laugh following this statement?

  5. Hmm, I am pretty sure that this was either heard or implied in many, many of our homes yesterday!!


  6. Yep...I love my kiddoes and would do anything for them any other day of the week...but my perfect Mother's Day was a day with no kid responsibilities. Mr. Wonderful did pretty good getting them out of the house and I even snagged a nap in the afternoon.

    Hope you had a fantastic Mother's Day!

  7. love it! hope your day was fantastic!


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