Thursday, February 18, 2010

Welcome to Miami

If I could remember the words to that cool Will Smith song I would post them. But I don't. But I am in Miami Beach--- woo hoo! It's awesome here!

A few months ago, The Husband thought he would surprise me with a trip. He wanted to do a "last minute vacation" type of thing, where you go hunting on- line for a deal just a few days before you want to leave. We have been married for ten or even twelve years and so knowing him as I have, I had some doubts. We'll just call them doubts. Instead of taking a vacation to Fargo in February I decided to do my own hunting and decided on Miami Beach.

So we are in South Beach, staying in the art deco district which is sooooo cool. I want to bring my Fiesta Ware collection and eat stuff off it on the sidewalk. It is in the mid 60's, but is supposed to warm up over the weekend to the 70's. Anyway it's warmer than Green Bay so it's all good. Hopefully I will get a chance to show off my hair removal strategy results. Like by wearing a swim skirt ha ha.

The girls are with my parents, and so far (about 8 hours) my Mom does NOT sound like she wants to fling herself off a mountain top, so that is a huge improvement over the usual. I called and Genea answered the phone, excited and happy to talk. Teena refused to come to the phone as she was "busy" watching a movie.

So I will be off- blog for a few days! I have a mini-computer here and will be keeping up with email and reading and such but probably not commenting much for a few days. We will be home on Monday.


  1. I love Miami soooo much! It is my favorite vacation! Have a great time and enjoy the beach! (and the drinks!)

  2. Have a blast! Hope the Sun stays out, the weather warms up and you bring home the best vacation souvenir: tan lines.....

  3. Have a wonderful time! As soon as we get all the kids adoptions finalized, DH & I are going to go away for a quickie weekend vacation ALONE.. lol. Enjoy your time :) And I have to say that the minute I read the post title in my feed, I started singing the Will Smith song.. Too bad I dont know the words very well and had to mutter it instead.. lol

  4. Woo Hoo!! Happy times!! Hoping to do the same thing very soon!!!! BTW...your hair removal post has got to go down in the bloghistory as one of the greatest ever!!!!

  5. have so much fun! Get a tan for me while your at it cause there is no tanning in the great white north.

  6. yay for you!!!! sounds like a BLAST. have fun!

  7. Oh, everything about this post is just so great. Enjoy every second!!!

  8. Have a blast! I was just there 3 wks. ago and it was fantastic. I gained 4# in 3 days from all the good food and drink (despite running 13.1 miles - WTH?!!), but it was still FAB!

  9. I DID have a blast, I am putting together a post of all my fab times!

    Seriously though, all people do is eat and shop. Nirvana.


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