Monday, February 1, 2010

Side Notes

Heads up on tomorrow's Too True Tues(day): The most embarrassing thing on your iPod. If you don't have an ipod (and why not? Just because they cost the equivalent of a month of bargain basement quality day care? ), the most embarrassing song you listen to on your .... what.... record player thing? Car radio? Whatever. Here is an example. I have a friend who likes The Wiggles. And, she seems fairly normal otherwise so I really can't figure that out. She drives a minivan though, that could be a hint.

On Monday, Oprah is doing a show about child molesters with child molesters. The trailer showed her asking one of the scumbombs what he would say to a child of 5 to assure she would not tell her mother what was going on. You can believe that my face will be glued to that episode. Though sadly not in person, as my on- going quest to get to the Oprah show continues to fail. Most recently I filled out an application for an episode for January 28th. I had to verify 12 ways from Sunday that I was not ever going to be on another episode if I got this opportunity. Turned out that was the Jay Leno episode, so clearly the spirit world is saving my karma for something better. It was meant to be and the universe was sending me a message that I am in- line for a way better show than that. I just wish the universe would be a bit more prophetic being as I am getting tired. I just want to be in the audience! OPE- call me!

I want to really genuinely say Thank You to all the people who contributed comments to the post about psychiatric medications and children. A lot of people left notes that had to be hard to write and I appreciate that. The more that is out there, the better chances get for other people who might need help.

K. See you tomorrow!


  1. Essie, believe it or not, here I sit at 3:30 ish a.m. unable to sleep and earlier, as I am lying in my bed, I'm thinking - ah, Tuesday....and it must be a TTT. "How can Essie expect US to write a TTT on T when we can't READ it until T? Not enough know what I mean.

    So, here we are. A reminder on M. and a TTT up very, very EARLY. So, I don't have much excuse.... At least I hope not.

  2. OKAY Dude, I get your point. I just don't always remember... get busy.... got other stuff... "fill in your own excuse here". It is a good idea, a few other people have mentioned that too. I will TRY HARDER to do a preview post!


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