Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Too True Tues(day) #14 Shameful Secrets

So here's the deal for this weeks TTT: your most shameful listening habit. The embarrassing music you put on your ipod because no one else can hear it that way. A song or singer that you would not confess to your best friend unless it was because you were really drunk at a bar before you had children.

My first one is something I recently confessed on another blog. It's really bad. I really love the song and if I ever get a minute alone I will dance and sing to it. Okay, it's Sexy Back. Justin Timberlake. So there we have a double whammy- killer humiliating song, by a former Mickey Mouse Club Musketeer. Evidently only bad things happen to people who like bad music because there was a glitch when I ordered this song. I believe it to be possible that my ipod attempted to reject the song and refused to allow it in, along with a few episodes of The Office and some other stuff. Half my order downloaded, half didn't. So I had to actually contact apple and confess to what I had done. The reply I got was along the lines of "what goes on in your home is not our business", LOL! I would have been less embarrassed ordering foot fetish pornography!

My other, rather geriatric love, is Neil Diamond. I can listen to most any of his hits. I don't discriminate. I would love to dye my hair blue and hobble on in to see him in concert. I bet he really sings! With his voice! I made the mistake of telling my sister about this, who then told my parents, who heckle me to this day. Sad, the upbringing I had. Tragic really. In the "days before children", I confessed this to some friends at a bar where good judgement and logical thinking had abandoned me for some reason. Turned out, they love Neil too! So we hijacked the jukebox thing and played Neil for hours. They loved us at that bar. Really! Then we had this cool Neil club together and would pretend to sing at karaoke (really more just howling sorts of sounds). Then we all got pregnant and it was over. Sigh.

Okay so there it is. Confess to your shameful secret! Everyone has a song they love that they would be embarrassed to tell people- 'fess up. Here is your chance! No more hiding in the closet! Sing it loud, sing it proud! You write up a blog post, with a link to this post somewhere in it. Then come back over and attach yourself to the Mr. Linky thing. Then leave a comment, and if you do not have a blog you can confess your shame in the comments as well. Very freeing. Now really, you have to do the Mr.Linky part. Last time I found a bunch of people getting their cheap on who did not know how to link back. People with great idea's, sitting around in the dark, leaving the rest of us ignorant of their fabulous cheaptastic traits. It's about helping the world, people.


  1. I'm NOT putting this on my blog... BUT I do have one that I would die if someone else heard.
    When I was in high school we would listen to this and just thought it was sooooooooo funny, so it brings me back to those days.

    Akinyele - Put It In My Mouth

    SHAMEFUL.... I know!

  2. Rob & Morgan - I've got that song, not on my iPod, but on my work computer...you know, for those days I simply need to smile instead of cry!!!

    Essie - I love this idea...and I'm so on board. Your topic preview last night allowed me to have my draft ready so I could post first thing this morning! :)

  3. Essie, I forgot to mention...I also am completely in love with Neil!!!

  4. Shameful confession....yanni and milli vanilli. slinking away into the abyss....

  5. hmm I guess my shameful confession is that I have not an Ipod.. MP3 player or even a flippin walkman. I listen to the radio (normally pop b/c kids are in & my station bleeps the really bad words) in the car but that's about it.. I guess my secret confession is that lil ole nicey nice me loves me some Eminem :)

  6. I still secretly love the barbie song, I am ashamed to admit it but there is something about it that is just catchy, now it is stuck in my head. There is also some really old Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson that I am rather fond of. Tragically I have to post my BC post today otherwise I would be all over this TT, it's a good one.

  7. J.--- you can do your post on Wednesday if you want. The rules aren't all that strict really. Especially since they are mine and I make them up to suit myself as I please. Or, you could do 2 posts on one day if you want to.
    Go for it!

  8. Neil Diamond, eh? Funny...we are on opposite ends of this spectrum, because my embarrassing selections tend towards the teeny-bopper: High School Musical, Jonas Brothers, Miley. In my defense, I don't even have my own ipod, I borrow my 13 year old daughter's to use at the gym. So, I guess the embarrassing part is not what's on the ipod, but that I actually kind of like most of what's on it!

  9. I finally joined your TTT! I am adult, I am groovin' on Choo Choo Soul's ABC gospel song. No kidding! I just have to clap off beat and stomp my feet!

  10. Since I was banned from listening to the radio and there was no TV in my house I missed those bad, rebellious songs in my youth and choose to remain naive. I was shattered when I learned that the "YMCA" wasn't about helping the homeless...and "Puff the Magic Dragon" wasn't about a little boy and his play friend!

  11. I am currently looking at my ipod and shouting at it to keep quiet and say nothing... my ipod and I have a deal... If he ever confesses to the rubbish music we share I will give him away. He likes me :0)

  12. I'm kind of ashamed to admit that I actually like a couple Miley Cyrus songs. I know...cowering away in shame.

  13. Unrelated, but I had to tell you, Essie. I know you are an Oprah watcher. Did you see yesterday with the kids of whats-her-face? My daughter happen to overhear the story about the rabbit and was disturbed by what happened. Today in school I was handing out stickers and when I gave her one it happen to be a rabbit (it was just the next one in the row). She looked at and said, "Awww, Peaches!" I think she will never look at a rabbit the same again.


  14. I really really want you to get to go to Oprah. Isn't there some way that this little on-line RAD-etc moms community can petition the Oprah show on your behalf?????

  15. Not posting...I am too embarrassed in that I think I like most of the songs that everyone has already mentioned. I also love Lady Gaga...and her songs are raunchy! I also used to have Salt and Peppa "push it" as my ringtone on my phone...but was too embarrassed at the looks I got when it started going off. :)

  16. I just stumbled upon your blog. I am so happy I did. It is fab!

    And, I love Neil Diamond too... I also love Barry Manilow but PLEASE don't tell anyone!

  17. Ok, Miley Cyrus people, you all are in Nickalodeon Hell. Your minds have been warped. Sad.
    To the other Neil people- Woo hoo! Rock on!
    I like Gaga's voice a lot (I mean that metallic sound created by the machines), I have been getting into her music lately too. Of course, she was on Oprah the other day, not that I noticed.

    De- I saw it, and I about vomitted. Awful. Beyond awful.

    Speaking of Ope, I WILL NEVER object to ANYONE who wants to advocate on my behalf with the Ope Ticket Powers That Be. Great idea actually LOL!

  18. I too love Sexy Back. But my list of embarassing songs I listen to is so very long it would break your blog. If any stick out in my mind later, I'll let you know.

  19. I left you an award over at my blog today! :)

  20. I don't have that gene that let's me get embarrassed... one of my many flaws. So let me bring redemption to most of you I too have Neil Diamond, Justin Timberlake, Lady GaGa, Emminem & Milli Vanilli on my iPod. (Sorry no Miley Cyrus or Yanni) but I crank it up like a gang banger and drive by with Sweet Caroline rockin.

    If I had to confess it would be RICK ASTLEY. I love him, always have and think he is cute to boot. Some other gems in the ole MP3... Hanson, NKOTB, a load of show tunes, the Jeff Wayne's musical version of War of the World and of course... ELO.

  21. I LOVE Neil!! Actually dated a guy while in the Air Force because was drawn to some Diamond coming from his dorm room! Every night I would lie on his little twin bed as he washed his dishes in the little bathroom sink and we listened to the greatest hits...oh the memories...

    My love that usually gets me the most grief - ABBA! I love me some ABBA! And then when Erasure remade some ABBA songs - heaven!

  22. So, I'm still catching up on old posts, but I love these TTT. This is a bit of a tangent, but kind of fits.

    I very briefly dated someone named Ken. In the way this world works, I didn't know his last name until it came up on call display as Rogers. My family have yet to let me live it down. In fact, he was used as part of the "Spanish Inquisition" on my now husband in a way that would embarass me more than him.

    So what does my husband do? 10 years later, he asks me if we have plans on some Friday night 2 months out. Tells me to keep it open. I figure he's planning some lovely romantic event. Then I find out it's in the city, starts at 8pm. I figure it's tickets to the theatre based on the neighbourhood we need to park in.

    As we're walking down the street towards the venue, he says "an old boyfriend of yours called. He is in town and wanted to see you..." I'm like seriously? My only long term ex lives 40 min away, he'd get in touch with a mutual friend or email me, then it started to click as he couldn't hold back his giggling.

    Kenny Rogers. He bought me Kenny Rogers tickets.

    And I knew most of the words.

    Including the Fifth Edition songs.

    You think Neil fans are blue haired, try going to a Kenny Rogers concert. I swear at 35 I was the youngest person there.

    And to give it a bit more of a TTT feel, I'd go again.


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