Monday, March 21, 2011

There is no final exam in blogging

Prior to leaving for Orlando for the Second Annual Early Trauma and Attachment Disorder Conference, I was asked by The Event Goddess to take on a job. Most of the people in the main house were asked to do jobs, and they were significant. Not wanting to look like the slacker I strive to be, I jumped on my job and began the initial stages of planning for it.

Then I got fired.

So, I was asked to take on a different job. This job, well suffice to say I would rather set my hair on fire strand by strand, starting with my lip hairs. I emailed the coordinator and relayed that preference, but agreed to do it once again to be part of the team. Everyone was helping with something and I wanted to do my part, I was just sort of holding out hope that my part would not require the use of sedatives. However, I have sedatives and lets face it, that's what they are for. The return email though, let me off the hook but reserved the right to shove me back onto the hook if need be.

Of course, need be'd.

And if Corey need be'd, I was darn good and well going to give it a shot, overdose risk notwithstanding.

There were several informal classes set up in Orlando, a parenting panel, how to do henna, how to do reiki, and a blogging 101 class. This is where the fear strikes and knocks me over. I can talk to people. I can talk in a group of people. I don't like talking on the phone but I can do it. What I am terrified of, is talking to a group of people who are looking to me for information. And also, looking at me. My stomach is fluttering just thinking about it right now. In the past, my voice has shook so much that my words were unintelligible. Really. I was asked to be part of a 3 person "panel" to discuss the basics of blogging with people interested in blogging or who were trying to get started but were struggling with some of the programs.

Naturally my mind went to any 300 people who would be better at this than me. I thought, I don't know that much about blogging, I know how to work my blog and that's about it. But, with 2 other people, maybe we could answer people's questions and get them started. My beloved friend Sarah at 5 Frozen Chamorros was a panel person. The third person was Katt at Mommy Needs Therapy.  

Thankfully, we found Katt we before the class. So I think it went well. (I am not pan handling for compliments here, so please don't feel like you need to give one) (but keep in mind I can't stop you, lol). I did not pass out, hit my head and bleed all over the carpet. People who had questions got them answered and now they have some great blogs up and running! Really impressive! So, here they are:

Mixed Nut Medley

25 Years to Live Life

Knee Deep in Cortisol

There are two more, one is private and one is set up and ready to go, it just needs some posts. I will link them when they are ready.
So, while I am at it, if you have a new blog that you are putting out there, leave a link in the comments so we can check you out too!
Oh yeah, and comment! And follow!


  1. Yay! New blogs! Thanks for the links and helping these ladis get started!

  2. Thanks for the new blogs. You saved me from having to go looking for them :)

  3. I hope I don't sound like it a know-it-all jerk, but she goes by Katt on her blog. I'm not sure she wants her actual name out there. Of course maybe you checked this with her in that case just file me into the know-it-all-but-wrong-anyway-jerk category! :)

  4. Woops, my bad! I have got that poor woman's name wrong 5 different ways by now. Changed the name, either way. Thanks!

  5. The class was awesome!! You ladies gave me just the little push I needed to get started! Thank you!!!

  6. I am enjoying reading the new glad you took the plunge and did the panel. Still laughing at what may be my new confidence building mantra: "I will not pass out, hit my head and bleed all over the carpet..."

  7. You can click on my blue header for a link to my blog, it's an older child adoption blog, foster to adopt, with PTSD, Separation Anxiety children.

    I'm a SAHM to two girls ages 6 & 9.


  8. i heard a comedian say that the number one fear is speaking in front of people. something like 94%. death is secod. so that means that more people at a funeral would rather be IN the coffin than delivering the eulogy!

    tame your fears, essie! i'd come listen to you speak anytime!

  9. Essie, I would never have pegged you for a shy one, hon. Nev-ah. Me? I'm a whatchoo call a loud and typical NYer. I got no problem with public speaking. In fact I have a bit of a problem shutting up.


    BTW, thanks for the new blogs. If you gave them tips, they must be good. ;-) And they are probably the UPDATED versions. snort snort.

  10. Well you had me fooled Essie! It was an honor to be on the panel with you and Sarah! I'll pat us all on the back and say I think it went great.

    And Katt or Kristine, either way. My anonymity went down the toilet a long time ago.


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