Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ooooh, oh oh look!

Oh my gosh people, look at that, follower number #199 just signed herself on! Look on down over there..... do you see yourself? NO? Then you could be #200! Or even higher. It's so exciting (for me)! Sign yourself up! You can even do it twice if you want.... you would not be the first.

(No, the answer is "no" if the question is, does that stupid Accidental lady have no shame?)
(And, I won't call you out even if I know who you are and you are not on the clickie block)

I will even be happy to send out a prize. How about.... a collection of previously driven diapers? Um, hmmmm. I have a few things in the deep freezer from that time the electricity went out.... something from there? Some whiny children? Wait no, I think there are laws... Hmmm. I have a LOT of cat hair. Somehow, I just can't seem to even give that away.

I so rarely win anything, I don't even know what would be a good prize. If I had a vacation to Hawaii I would be on it, not giving it away. Nothing personal. Ahem.

Anyone want a used husband who opened up the windows because he was too warm, then fell asleep? In Green Bay in March at night? Wait, oh shit, maybe I should rephrase that one. What do I have, what do I have.

I have a dirty bathroom and a ton of laundry. I have a pain. I have bushy eyebrows. I have a super bad attitude. Anyone?

Ok, how about if you look and you do not see yourself on the little "follower" block thingie, and you put yourself there, I will NOT send you anything. A contest in reverse maybe. Ohhhh, wait, maybe you should send ME something! Ahhh HA!

Does anyone know Oprah? Because I am getting worried. Anyone who wants to send me Oprah will be greatly appreciated. Or, just tickets to the show.



  1. I win, I win, I win!!!! I want to send YOU the used cherry chapstick that somehow made it's way from your house to mine last year and got colored all over my bathroom door. I likey this prize in reverse idea.....LOL!

  2. Rock on Wendy! **ding ding ding**
    You win!
    But wait.... I too seem to have a large stash of chapstick. It seems the same mystery artist has brought in more supplies. In addition to red, we now have blue!

  3. this made me laugh and laugh and laugh. And that, Essie, is why I *already* follow you.

  4. Wow- I was so hoping to sign up and win me some new cat hair or a trip to Hawaii. Darn it all. You always make me laugh and I truly needed it today. Thanks Essie!


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