Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gettin' There

Whew! I have been operating at high gear for several weeks now. I have not fallen off of the planet, however much I may want to. Here is the quick run-down:

  • Went to Orlando- Woo Hoo
  • Returned from Orlando, unpacked and repacked for trip 2 days later to Ohio
  • Massive amounts of laundry later, packed up girls for trip to Ohio
  • Notice Genea having behavioral regression on a level unseen for years
  • Cleveland having a snow day. We are redirected to Ohare, where we spend 5 hours in a layover. Yes, 5 hours.
  • Genea has a sudden loss of the inhibition that used to prevent visits from The Crazy in public. Shit. 
  • Spend 4 days visiting with in-laws. 'Nuff said. (However, I will say more later, lol!).
  • Many visits from The Crazy and severe regressive behavior from Genea. Fall out sucks.
  • It's spring break for the girls. Oh my unholy hell. Today is Wednesday.  This will not end until Monday. 
  • Notice that Teena is seriously sit-still impaired, as well as keep-hands-to -yourself impaired. 
  • Wonder how it is that 2 small children so closely resemble caring for 19 baby elephants.
  • Realize I missed an opportunity to apply for several Oprah Show audience spots. 
  • Seeking bridge to jump off.
  • Many new blogs to visit- woo hoo
  • No chance to comment or acknowledge new blogs yet- boo.
  • Gonna' get there. Trying to catch up. It will happen.
So that's the summary. My telomeres (stress thingies in the body that shorten your life when stressed) are shredded like cheddar. 


  1. Regression seems to be the price we paid- at least the weekend was worth every minute of the fallout!

  2. Trying to play catch-up here too. Big pressure stuff going on here and it has NOTHING to do with J.

  3. Ooohhhh, I hate it when the crazies visit in public - and especially in front of grandpa and grandma. I also personally believe that spring break is a spawn of Satan. It's his stupid tool to make mothers everywhere go insane. Hang in there, Mama! Keep breathing! Don't find that bridge...but do bang your head on the nearest wall instead. :-)

  4. love the baby elephant analogy.

  5. oh no, sounds TOUGH! This would be the PERFECT time for Oprah to call. CAN YOU HEAR ME, OPRAH??? SHE NEEDS THOSE TICKETS NOOOOOOW!

  6. I wondered what happened to you! Sounds like it's been rough. Here's to healthy repair of your telomeres. (thanks for the new word, now I will promptly forget it thanks to my swiss cheese for brains)

  7. Still laughing about the baby elephants. It has been madness here as well...I too have not had a chance to read and comment on all the wonderful blog posts of sorry about the public crazies...

  8. Wondered what happened. Sorry to hear that you are dealing with the fallout. Dealing with a bit of it here too. It bites.

    We have spring break here too. Oh I can SO relate to some of this blog post.



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