Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Packers Day

No really, happy St. Packers Day! 

That is what Teena, who can be quite rigid in these matters, calls it. She hears things how she hears them and the first way her brain interprets the sounds is the right one. For example:

"Fe fie fo fum
I smell the blood of an English bun"

Teena, what is an English bun? She does not know but will scream you down if you try to tell her it is anything other than how she heard it the first time.

Football is pretty pervasive around here as you might imagine. Kids rebel against their parents as teens by claiming to be fans of Minneapolis or Chicago. While some teenagers are busy trying to sneak skanky clothing out of the house, around here they will wear a purple Vikings shirt to get their parents and other adults all riled up. There are worse things.

So, Happy St. Packers Day to all!


  1. Nope. Can't argue with them once they've heard it. Because what they heard is what you said, even if it is totally NOT WHAT YOU SAID!! I live in that world too.

  2. Totally love the Hello Kitty Purse.

  3. lol

    An english bun is a Chelsea Bun

    Yum Bum!

    I'd like to know how she goes with Stairway to Heaven. What on earth is a
    "bustle in a hedgerow"

  4. "There's a bathroom on the right." (To heck with "bad moon on the rise" - what's THAT supposed to mean?)


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