Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another great thing about blogs....

So I think in ten years or so my kids will be able to take a print out of my blog to their respective therapists to prove their dysfunction is not their fault. They will have reams of documentation of the crazy childhoods they had. I picture Teena pointing to page 217 saying, "see, my Mom made me eat taco's even though the cheese was wrong! I told her only yellow cheese and she put the off-white ivory cheese on there anyway!". Genea of course, will be able to point to page 492 to say "see, that's the only day she was a normal Mom in all these pages!". Myself in ten years, I expect to be drooling in an Ativan haze in front of a repeat loop of Wheel of Fortune mumbling incessantly about how they used to have a display of prize rooms with tacky ceramic dog umbrella stands and green glass ashtrays to pick from.

While I am providing my children with a kindly service, I just discovered another reason blogs are a good thing. Documentation. Of other people. The first day of summer school we got the girls to the bus stop on time and sent them on their way. Happily. *ahem*. Three hours later the school calls me to find out why Genea was not in attendance.


She SHOULD be in attendance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She BETTER be in attendance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, the caller says, I'm sorry, she is here. She went to the wrong building at first but we walked her up to the right building and she is there.

AAAAAAAARGH!!!! Talk about a panic! This has happened once before, that the school called asking where Genea was when she was there with them the whole time. Last year for summer school they did not put her on the bus at all, they forgot, and so I wrote her bus route on her arm with a big black Sharpie the next day. But, what's worse is that last fall they actually did lose her. Genea being five years old at the time got confused on the bus and was not sure what stop to get out so she just stayed on. I'm sure she panicked and froze, unable to move or speak and so she went for an extended ride. This is what happened.

I have it all down now. It's on the blog.


  1. YES! Documentation and free mental health help is why I started blogging. :0) That way when my brain cells are tired and stressed out I can tell them no problem I'll just look at the blog to remember what happened. lol!

  2. I agree with Mom 4 mental health help. I never thought about blogging as being documentation for those purposes, but it definitely is!!!

  3. I don't know that I would have maintained positive relations with people who even lost my robustly cheerful child, let alone my emotionally fragile one.

    I'd say one more shot and they ought to be paying for this therapy you're talking about.

  4. Ha! My girls' therapist says that parenting has two purposes: to get your kid to leave home at 18, and to give them something to work out with their therapist as an adult.

    And, I'm all for documentation. When Buddy asked why I was taking photos of the gigantic bite mark on my arm, that was my reply: "documentation." Why? "In case I need it later."

  5. Ah yes. Documentation. I plan on going through mine for an upcoming hearing. I need to put together a time line. I'm all for free mental health care too!!

  6. Yeah, another good reason that we are blogging! Free therapy was good, but Life Documentation? Priceless....

    Glad they "found" they think you just need an adrenaline rush every once in a while? Don't they realize how we FEEL when we think our child is missing???

  7. my kids wil need therap when they are adults, I am totally fine with that, in fact I laugh about it a bit with my firends because it keeps me sane. I am so happy to hear that they did not actually lose your daughter, that owuld of been bad but a really good blog psot.


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