Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ow! Dang!

OKAY Y'all, you don't have to hurt a person! Stop hitting! I will tell another cute kid story already, sheesh! You don't have to beat me up, I'll do it.

I know, cute kid stories get old quick. But I don't think I tell that many and anyhow this is a "Mommy blog". See look up, it even says the word "Mommy" in my title. I can't help that my kids are funny any more than I can help that they are often in need of an exorcism. It is what it is.

At dinner tonite, the girls were talking about their Daddy. Since there are 3 of us girls and only one of him, we have frequent conversations about how that matches up. The girls were talking about how we need our Daddy around and Teena said "Yeah because we need someone smart".

Ugh, I thought, but managed with near Olympic force and determination to keep myself from making a sarcastic comment. The Daddy popped a huge grin onto his egghead face and threw me a smirk across the table. He knew that kind of comment would make me want to scream. But I didn't. It might have required a crowbar to retrieve my rolled eyes from the back of my head but whatever. Anyway, Genea had something to add too.

"And we need someone to kill stuff for us!".

Ha ha ha, smirk removed.

(yes, this is two posts in one day!)


  1. Haha!! And just like that, the smirk goes away.....

    I would personally give up any chance at wearing the "smart" badge in my little family to NOT have to kill anything for anyone, spiders included!

  2. Im with 40 something...Id rather be known as a dumb a@$ than have to kill something. My daughter sees daddy as someone who needs tools and chair. lol...

  3. I totally pictured you sticking the olympic landing with your eyes rolled up in the back of your head! Wish you could have seen it, funny stuff! lol

    That's what I call dinner conversation, go girls!

  4. I broke up with a guy who balked at killing a spider for me. That was indeed a deal-breaker.

    Forget it, buddy!

  5. bahahaha. Hope your eyes have returned to their normal position of amused disbelief and are feeling better.

  6. Ok folks, Gloria Steinem is going to freak out! What has the Women's Movement taught us? We are smart enough to be known as smart AND select a life partner based on their insect killing skills! We don't have to choose anymore- we can have it all!

  7. God bless partners who aren't afraid of those eight-legged beasties. Shudder.


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