Sunday, June 20, 2010

Slow going around here!

I do not have much to say! It has been slow going around here lately. The girls finished school about a week and a half ago. They went to stay for a vacation at my parents house, which was great, and they did not get kicked out early. Then, their other grandfather has been visiting from out- of- state. He, like his wife, insists on renting only the smallest possible car available. He, his wife, and their son (The Husband) are large people. Therefore there is never room in the car for me once you stuff 2 child seats into a car the size of a tomato paste can. Feel my sadness and pain. *Ahem*. So I have had some nice time to myself, which is always lovely and I am very grateful. However, all alone I have no one to tell stories about! Summer school starts tomorrow and goes for a few weeks, then I have Damien's twin sisters here full time until September. Woo.

Of note, the ugly pick up truck belonging to Jack Ass across the street has not been seen for several days now and there is a red suv there instead. Two thoughts, Jack sold his noisy, large, penis enhancement pick up truck or he has moved away and The Skank rapidly replaced him. Here's hoping!

Genea had an awful night a few ago. Talking, and moaning and calling out, just clearly having bad dreams and couldn't shake them. She got up and came in and laid down with me for awhile and went back to bed better. The next day I told her about all the talking she was doing and asked her if she knew what she was saying. She told me, with all the scorn of a proper teenager, "No, I couldn't hear it because I was asleep".  HA! Good point kid!


  1. Is my comment link broken or something? Is anyone out there? Hellooooo?

  2. I am out here, I hear you on the missing comments, things have been pretty quiet in my end of blogland too.
    Here's to hoping Jack moved on.

  3. I HOPE she kicked him out....can't imagine he has the means to get a red SUV....fingers crossed for you!

    I love how she answered you about her dreams! Don't those comments make you feel like "duh" is what they REALLY want to say?? She may be wise beyond her years....

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  5. Enjoy the time to yourself (and the peace and quiet) while it lasts... Things are quiet here, too. It's sort of nice to be in a fairly "normal" routine for a while. We are often used to being in crisis with our foster, adoptive, and bio children, that when things are OK, It feels a little out of whack. Strange, huh?
    Her's hoping J*ck moved on and the Sk*nk has a new beau...

  6. yay for not getting kicked out early! i bet it was strange having it so quiet...

  7. It's good to hear from you! I haven't been very good about posting, but am always reading!

  8. Ugh, I saw the Jackass today having a smoke in the garage. Idiot. He was driving a hiked up pick up with oversized wheels and an extra large engine. I'm now guessing he traded it in for the red suv- which is not new.

    FSC I think you are right, she will start saying "Duh" as soon as she can out- run me!

  9. As for Jackass' "new" ride -- maybe he'll default on the payments and be hounded out of town by debt collectors ...
    One can always hope.
    (As for the lack of comments, it seems that lots of people leave town the moment school is out. I don't understand it, I just join them.)

  10. Of course she didn't hear herself... HA!

  11. Oh I hope he is gone for your sake and that he has flown the coop forever. Can we introduce him to my neighbors? Maybe they will go far away together! I will pray and fast and beg the Lord to relocate them.... my neighbors who keep their pills in the water meter(hello you idiots we are watching you)and try to shoot each other. KIDS GET IN THE HOUSE I HEAR GUNSHOTS AGAIN! Please GOD! Pleeeeeeeezzz


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