Sunday, June 13, 2010

Magic and Logic Meet

Kids are so funny. Their little brains take things in and file them away, in order to bring them back out when it seems they might fit. Teena was watching the "Tinkerbell" movie today, much to my own personal horror and desire to vomit. In the beginning of the movie is a scene where one of the random little fairies pushes open a window and  flies out of it. Teena makes a comment about how illogical that is.

How could that tiny fairy push open that big window? she asks me. 
Mmmm, I said, magic.
3 cheers for the answer that covers everything when you are five years old.
Oh yeah, she said, like in a magic wand.
Yup, that must be it.


  1. Hey now.. Dont be knocking on the Bell.. lol.. I have a very much addicted to Tinkerbell kid in my house who is counting down the days til the release of the newest one..

  2. Thankfully we are addicted to Toy Story around here. One guess where we will be on June 18th! lol

    That is so cute, magic!

  3. Ah, I knew I was running a risk by hating on the Tink! Actually she is not too bad as far as kid movies go. The Barbie movies are sooooo much worse!

    My kids have not seen Toy Story- shhhh!

  4. Here Teena, honey. Just ignore mommy and listen to this song. There really is "magic"..oh ho ho...


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