Monday, June 7, 2010

Unholy Denial

Turns out Teena is out of school tomorrow. Genea the day after.

Crap that came fast.

Seems someone asked me about it last week, when the last day was in our district. I wasn't sure and told the person I didn't want to think about it too early. I guess the time is here to think about it.


Tomorrow is Tuesday and our topic for Too True Tues(day) is..... what do you procrastinate? What do you avoid until the last minute?


  1. So, the teachers have been eyeing the last day of school since August.....and we moms have been in denial that it would get here, eventually!!

    Too funny.....mine are out this Thursday, eek!

  2. Poor Anastasia is VERY unhappy about school being over. I was going to write here about it, but I'll make it a little post instead.

  3. Ha! Someone asked me when the last day of school was, and I said, (quote) "I don't know. If the bus doesn't come, my kids won't get on it."

    I still can't figure out why all the parents move away from me at the school parties.


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