Monday, October 12, 2009

Random stuff

I am nominating myself for "Laziest Mom on the Planet". I feel like I should do it before someone else does. Kind of like David Letterman. I always used to silently mock those lazy slugs who would drive their kids a block to the stupid bus stop. Even worse, when I lived in Ohio I drove to work going passed a lot of farms and while the houses were set back from the street it still struck me as lazier than snot when I would see a parent and kid sitting in a running car at the end of the driveway.

See that white house at the end of the block there? That is Teena's bus stop.

See that brown building at the end there? That is Teena's school. Here where I live there are no sidewalks and so all 4k and kindergarten students are bussed to school no matter where they come from.

So today, it is 37 degree's out and I drove Teena to the bus stop and waited in the car for the bus to take her one block. Yes I did. I thought I should admit it myself before it turns up in the newspapers. I drove off afterwards, to make it look like I might have had an urgent appointment and so was forced to sit impatiently in the car to maximize my time. Really though, Target is open for like 12 hours every day.

Here is another thing. It is supposed to snow today. I am not kidding, if so much as one stinking snowflake even thinks of landing its ugly feet on me I am going to go off. I don't know on who, and I don't exactly have a plan but take my word for it I will be pissed off and taking names! Snow in October! The party responsible for this weather is really the one at fault for my having to take my car to the bus stop. Not me.

Here is a slinky sort of award from Obladi Oblada! So very cool! I always get very excited when this happens and feel like maybe I should have a speech. But I don't. However, I am passing this on to 4 bloggers, as per the rules!

There you are!

Tomorrow is Tuesday and therefore it Too True Tues! Whipee!!!! The subject is, what is the worst gift you ever got. A gift so bad you would have never believed it could have even happened had it not happened to you! I will post up all the little technicalities tomorrow. Assuming I am not arrested for snowflake assassination.


  1. I am so glad I forgot to blog about the worst gift ever on my birthday as I had planned. I was just too happy from all my birthday love - but this will be so awesome to finally unburden myself of this.

    Thanks for the award.

  2. Why don't you just drive her to school?

  3. i totally know what you mean about being lazy! we live like 1/10th of a mile from the kids' school, but getting the younger ones in the stroller and pushing it in the cold is soooo not appealing to me, so i usually drive it. bad, bad mommy.

  4. I can't believe you gals up north are getting snow already. What's up with that?!? Don't send it down here....we've had lows of 50 and already dressing in sweats.

    Super cool award! Congrats.

  5. You did not just say the "s" word.. As I am only 1 state west of you and we normally share weather I will sit here in denial for a while more yet. THIS is exactly why I do not watch the weather! I would rather just not know that it might snow in Oct :( bleck!

    Thankfully our bus stop is right across the road from our house and the 13yr old walks the 5yr old out so I get to stay inside -cuz I'm lazy like that :) I do agree with a PP-why not just drop her at school and eliminate the bus altogether?

  6. Thanks for the slinky little award! (lol)

    I will not be happy if we see snow in October either. But, it's looking likely.

  7. Drive Teena to school? Should I also tell her Santa Claus uses his sleigh to run over sick baby bunnies the rest of the year?
    She LOOOOOVES the bus. Loves it more than Elmo, Martha, and Curious George put together.
    Besides, I am not going to drive her 2 blocks. THAT would be silly. *ahem* Really though by the time I mess around with the car seat, park the car, walk her in to the school, get back in the car.... forget it. Better to feign urgent appointments for the next 6 months.

  8. My sister, who also lives in your town, as you know, was cursing the weather today as well. It seems she's decided to move to Florida.

    Driving my daughter to the bus stop AND making it look like I had to go somewhere else - totally something I would do.

    It takes a brave woman to admit it.

  9. OK, OK, OK, I try to be all "above it all" with the honors....but an award from Accidntal Mommy beats being the Community Lugnut HANDS DOWN! Thanks loads!

    Beats just about any blog award, because you are the BEST. In so many ways.

    Snow in October seems appropriate for a year when I actually wore a jacket and put my car heater on in JULY.

  10. Jen, tell your sister to wait for meeeeeeeeee!


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