Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ding ding ding

Genea found out when we are going on our trip to New Mexico.

All my own fault. She and Teena were watching tv for 5 minutes so I could talk to my mom on the phone and I told my mom when we were leaving and I heard Genea hollering "Yay, we are going on Wednesday Teena, YAY!!!". So for the past several days we have been dodging the Molotov cocktails hurled at us with a lot of different emotions. However, now that we are at a point where Genea has a half second of control, the half second to think before the action takes place, now we can get in there in that half second and get down and funky with it.

At dinner the other night, here comes Genea to the table sporting Look #3 all over her beautiful face. Not the dissociated look, and not the incessant crying look (numbers 1 and 2). Number 3 is the half awake dopey regressed sort of look. Where her tongue hangs out of her open mouth and she looks like she might have just woken up, if that were true. Her eyes are dull and mildly vacant. She climbs into her seat and starts off- loading Crazy immediately.

"Ewwwww, I don't like thisssssssss". Sigh. Yes you do, you have had it 100 times but that's okay just don't eat it then.
Genea 0
Mama 1

(for the record, she ate it)

Interrupts thru dinner, pouts when reminded. Chews with mouth open etc. Drinks out of her cup and dribbles an entire mouthful of milk down her chin and onto her clothes as if she were vomiting. Why?

"It tastes spicy and I don't like it". No.

"I always do that at school". No.

" I was trying to get the milk into my bowl". Nice try Genea. Are you trying to make us mad? (NO!) Are you feeling nervous inside and so you are trying to make things nervous on the outside too? (NO!) Well, it won't work. We are not going to get mad at you.

Genea 0
Mama 2

Here comes Look #2, also known as Cry Face. Precludes all crying but does not necessarily lead to crying or meltdowns anymore. Shoots out the elevated frustration sound with scrunched down eyebrows and cramped up mouth, ehhhEHHHuu WAAAAH uuhERR ehhhhh! Continues with dinner.

*COUGH* choke HOOwah *GAG* Genea chokes on her milk and spurts it all over. Sigh. Genea, are you still trying to make us mad at you? Do you want us to yell at you? Because we are not going to do it. Sometimes you act like this when you feel nervous but everything is okay and we are not mad at you.

Genea 0
Mama 3


GENEA. Are you serious? You are going to sit there and cry because no one will get mad at you??? Here, hold my hand. Come on, give my hand a hug. You will feel better. Come on, don't just leave my hand laying here looking all silly alone on the table!

Genea 0
Mama 4

Genea. Why are you crying. Tell me why.

Because I want to sit on your lap and I cahaaahaaaaan't.

Okay, we can fix that. I can move my chair back. Done.

Now, it rarely works out like this. In fact it warrants its own blog post and a scorecard because I am pretty sure this is the first time I have ever really fought off The Crazy combined with an incoming Wango Tango and come out ahead. In our house, this was a massively successful but hard fought battle!!!!

Will it happen this way next time? I hope so. Is there a good chance Genea will expand on her repertoire and come up with new stuff? Oh yeah. Do I hope like hell that we will get the chance to divert it all? Oh YEAH! I know she was not crying because she wanted to sit on my lap the whole time. She is still a little girl and a lot of times she does not know why she is upset and will just think up something random to hang her feelings on. However, it is a huge sign of progress in my mind that she was able to express and ask for something that would help her to feel better!

In the past few days that she has known when our trip would be, she has also been back up on the toes. She has been sleeping a lot more. Last night she developed a rash on her back, neck to butt. And of all the dreaded, dreaded activities of stress, she pee'd on herself during the day. The first time that has happened in at least 5 months. Ever since Potty Boot Camp back in the spring, she has been dry as the desert on a hot windy summer day.

What's funny, funny odd, not funny haha, is that she has been otherwise delightful. Pleasant, nice, polite. Definitely fits of demanding and the usual incessant unending nonsense questions thrown in for reminders sake. (Mama? Is this the table you want me to clean? Mama? Should I use a towel to wipe this? Mama? Which towel? Mama? Do you want me to wipe up this pile of goo? Mama? Where should I put this garbage?). But generally cooperative and calm. Enjoyable and enjoying herself.

Less Crazy, more Genea. Woo Hoo!


  1. Come on everyone, up on your feet for Essie! You deserve a standing ovation! Now IF I could have held it together to say what you did, hubby would have been in there first to yell Be quiet or go to your room! Oh yes, that's very effective. NOT!

  2. AWE.SOME!

    You did it. The Wango-Tango is quaking in its boots.

    And hooray for Genea, too! Way to stay a half-second ahead, not give in to the cries and allow yourself to be comforted.

    We know look number three around. And we have the crazies...

  3. You are not fooling anyone with this generally adequate mumbo jumbo. You rocked that one. =)

  4. Totally rocked it. While I, on the other hand, totally failed yesterday.

  5. I love great days like that!

  6. I think you should be giving yourself a lot more than one point, I think you need like 5 for each success and when you get to 20 you get a prize - way to go Mama!

  7. Here's to more days like that one!

  8. Thank you for this one, Essie.. today my Vivi was trying like crazy to make ME mad.. I imagined my scorecard, and instead of giving her the pleasure, I took her face in my hands, and gave her three big fat kisses, and told her that was her consequence! Vivi 0, Mama 1. HA!

  9. how come I can't find your email? I need to send you something!!! Help me!! ;)

  10. What a great description of a typical melt-down stopped in its tracks!! I have seen a lot of that in Anastasia...though her "look" is one that I'd describe as "storm brewing". Very cloudy, indeed. You got lucky - you must have been pretty regulated yourself - and you were in a stable location with nothing critical that had to be done.

    Plus - you're good at this stuff!
    Way to go!

  11. Wow! So glad I found your blog. You must have been looking in my windows or perhaps our daughters were separated at birth because you described it to a T. The faces and the whole bit!

    Sounds like you are doing an amazing job!

  12. Way to go. That's a total win.

    My brother didn't deal well with planned events, got himself worked up too much about it. When he was maybe 8 or so and I was 11, we were suppose to go to Canada's Wonderland theme park. Dad got free passes, this was not within our normal family budget so it was a SUPREMELY big deal. Except we ended up spending the day at the therapists instead because he couldn't cope and Dad nearly ripped up the tickets in frustration. Good times in our household I tell you.

    My parents never told us anything after that. First sign that we were going somewhere was Dad making sandwiches at 7am. Could mean the beach, could be the science centre, could be a drive to no where, but something was up. Popcorn at 5pm = the baby sitter was coming.


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