Monday, October 5, 2009

I want to see Michael Jacksons doctor please

Paging Dr. Murray......

In a few weeks we have my favorite time of year. The annual visit to the in- laws in New Mexico. Ahhhhh. Total saturation.

As a refresher, for anyone who was not here last year or has their own life and has not memorized mine, here is a post from the visit. And another.

I call it the Great Land of Undiagnosed Aspergers with all due respect. We are talking nuclear physicists here people. Seriously, real ones. 40 and 50 years ago people were not diagnosed with Aspergers but that does not mean it did not exist. I think it is amazing to turn what would be considered a disability into an enjoyable and profitable life long career.

I will visit yarn stores and the Coach outlet. I will be taking my girls back to the Sanctuario de Chimayo as it has become obvious they need a fresh trip to the Holy Dirt. Maybe I will have them jump in the hole this time and wiggle around some. These are the things that will be fun and -or interesting for me. That leaves approximately 142 other hours to fill with close up in- law fun.

If I may, I would just like to complain once again that back when we were child-free, NO ONE cared about The Husband and I and we were free to live our lives as we pleased. No one especially cared to see us, visit us, or have us visit them. That has all changed. SLIDHGL ISH LSIN;FG!!!!! WHYYYYYYY!!!!

So anyway, does anyone know how to hunt down that Dr. Murray that *ahem* used to see Michael Jackson? Should I call the FBI I wonder? Just bring your prescription pad Mr. Doctor, that is the most important thing. Better break out a fresh one.


  1. You crack me up, you really do. Not only are you hilarious but you're smart, too! From reading your post about your in-laws I finally figured out what's wrong with my MIL. I used to think she had no boundaries or she was just a total freakazoid (she once asked me if I was surprised by how large my DH's penis was) but now I know she has the Aspergers.
    Visits to her are SO INTERESTING because we get to learn for the 40,0000th time that she is (A) an academic and (B) an intellectual and (C) very sexual.
    If you find out where the good doctor is please share the information. I need something that will turn my brain off and delete my memory after visits with the MIL while making me look like I'm genuinely interested in the craziness.
    Good luck on your trip.

  2. Hmm...I could use a visit from that doc on some days!

  3. Let's talk boundaries. My FIL's latest, which apparently is a repeat from 30 years ago that he'd forgotten about...emailed me and everyone else in dear ol' dad's email list(including his exwife my MIL) explaining their sex life past and present in great detail.

    sign me up for a housecall

  4. Ahhhh, the inlaws. We're contemplating a trip to visit mine over Thanksgiving. My MIL died 6 years ago, and if you even mention her, my FIL breaks down into a sobbing fit. My SIL treats us like we're children. I love them, but it's that kind of behavior that keeps us from visiting more often.

  5. So, you're saying you just want to be hooked up to IV meds and sleep through the whole thing? lol.

  6. So sorry to hear about your upcoming vacation...Maybe the airlines will go on strike or some reasonably plausible act of God will fortuitously interfere with your travel plans. Malaria?

  7. Mexican food is a hopeful idea,though.

    You crack me up. But where is the TTT? Did you get me hooked on this little weekly thing and then abandon ship? That's the only thing that makes me negotiate all hurdles in order to post. Write it in the middle of the night; write it between stirs of the dinner...but write it I must. I also somehow never got the "Tuesday off" rules...but oh, well.

    I know one nuclear physicist. I do know what you mean! During a casual dinner with my children present he decided to share why he and his wife couldn't conceive. Forgetthe topic - any boobus could see that she was about to drop through the floor from sheer desire that such a thing would be possible. Whereas the most sensitive, funny, charming, intuitive, perceptive person I know is my daughter Lydia and she is so completely math-impaired that she had to take "Algebra" three times before she passed it. (I rather think that by the time she "passed" it they had somehow managed to remove most of the actual math from the curriculum.)

  8. Ha ha, malaria- that would be a great trick from here in the north. We have freezing temps coming up at night! However, I think it might be possible! Also, I get altitude sickness. Real bad. Really. New Mexico is really high up.

    Yes, great food! That is one thing that holds me over. We eat out a lot, and quite a bit of Mexican food is beige, so the girls are ok with that.

    Annie that is too funny about your daughter because I failed/dropped algebra 3 times in college. I finally had to take some goofy teaching math for teachers class to get the credits.

    I forgot about TTT this week, and will do one next week. Cuz I have a great topic--- the best unbelievably bad gift you ever recieved. So bad, you would not believe it was true if it had not happened to you!

  9. Three days... guests and fish. I know it costs a lot of money to fly and everyone seems to think that you should get your money's worth by staying a week. NOT ME... I will only go to crazyland for three days. (OK, maybe five... two travel days and three visiting days... but NO more.) At least you stay in a hotel.

  10. Essie,
    I'm sorry to write here in your comments, but I don't know how else to contact you. I wanted to ask if you would be willing to post a picture of my son and a link to my blog post about his needing a family. I don't want to put the link here in case that's not ok... you can follow my profile back to my blog or email me at

    Corey Waters

  11. I live in NM and I know exactly what you are talking about! I was actually struggling to describe it to someone earlier today! Sooo sooo true.


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