Monday, October 19, 2009

Hee hee

I make myself giggle sometimes.

My girls, like most kids, are just awful about taking care of their things. Mostly I don't care, they are more important than their things and they are pretty good about learning from it. Plus The Husband and I are all about the "incidental teaching" moments. We take all the opportunities we get to remind whatever kid that she would have had blank to play with had she not done whatever to blank. And if it is really important or really expensive, we keep it out of their reach in the first place.

So anyway, they have crapped all over their CD's and DVD's. This weekend we did a lot of cleaning up (despite my being near my deathbed) and found them all over the place. I swear a few even had snot on them. Ick. To fast forward, (insert your own screaming crying fits here) we took them all away for a time we will determine on our own schedule. In other words, when I can't stand it anymore I will park them back in front of a movie. When they have their hour long rest time, no more music or stories to listen to. No Mozart or beautiful fairy princess stories. No more chance to argue about whose turn it is to pick either. Sorry dudettes, you wrecked them all. Instead, I have chosen for them. Yes indeedy, I have.

Instructional Cantonese on CD.

Hee he he he hee!


  1. oh, you're hilarious!!! :D however, you might just be nominated as Super-Mom because you are teaching your children a foreign language when they have the best ability to learn it.

  2. Changing the world is what you are doing. One day that Cantonese will come in handy and they will thank you.

  3. pee my pants funny. actually spit out my coke.

  4. shame its not manderin, then they could speak to Sarah...well they still can in English of course. but its close enough to manderin, they will pick up some good tips for the trip to see us! :O)

  5. It's all Love & Logic. And I love being loving and logical at the same time.

    How's the Cantonese coming along?

  6. We have so been there, except we didn't think of the Cantonese.

  7. GRRR! My husband still does this now, and he's an ADULT (I think).

    Hope you are feeling much better this week.

  8. I AM feeling a bit better, thanks!
    They are not learning very quickly, mostly they make some grunts and tell me that is a word. Truth is, I have no way of knowing.
    Paula- I told them they were learning to speak in Taiwan and they were all excited. Seriously, Mandarin? Dangit! Well, between American English and British English, Mandarin and Cantonese, maybe we should just all learn sign language. What language does Hello Kitty speak- that's what's important!


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