Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Do as I say, not as I say

In Genea's world there are no shadows. There is black, there is white and there is nothing else to talk about. Thank you, good night.

(gross warning)

We were at the park recently and we had a minor meltdown. All approximations of a meltdown result in great gobbers of mucus, spit, tears and fluids on Genea's face. Seriously I have never seen anything like it. The second she perceives something that could lead to an excuse for crying, this stuff starts shooting out of her. Now in the past month or so she has started making enormous progress in having proportionate reactions. Instead of going from 0 to 60 immediately over the most minor of things (you have to wear this white sock instead of this other white sock because that sock has a hole in it but they are exactly the same otherwise.....) she has started to really try. Instead of exploding into a full blown meltdown, she tries to hold it off. Regardless, any sign of provocation sends her brain screaming into total freak out wango tango mode, and the fluids start a-flowin'. Get your buckets.

Anyway, back at the park, something happened that started the fluids going. Right away we started pushing the wango tango back with breathing, shifting her attention, turning it around etc. But it was too late for the fluid flood and there were goober blobs everywhere on Genea's face and no place to put them. No handy box of tissues at the park. I even looked around for dead leaves to wipe with. Nothing.

So for one time, just this time. Only today, right now and never again for the rest of your life, I told Genea to use the bottom of her t-shirt to wipe up her face. BUT never again. EVER. This time only. ONLY because she had tried so hard to hold herself together and she DID it and so we DIDNT want to leave but we still had this face full of booger snot to deal with so in this one emergency situation we will wipe it on your shirt and NEVER AGAIN.

There is this concept called "generalization". Basically it means the ability to take one learned concept and apply it to other similar situations. Some kids have huge problems with this. Other kids take the teeniest tiniest little break from the standardized rules of the world as permission to proceed directly to anarchy.

So at dinner that night, Genea reached down and pulled up her shirt to her face to wipe off the spaghetti sauce. I had food in my mouth at the time but my eyes bulged out so far that The Husband noticed, realized what had happened and proceeded to remind Genea why she had a napkin next to her . Her head whipped around to face me. In fact I think it actually turned a complete circle prior to flashing me with the most accusatory, how- could- you- let -this- happen, shocked and spring loaded facial expression she could pull up. Clearly expecting me to correct Daddy on his egregious error.

AND of course it led to a meltdown when I didn't.

(but they really are getting waaaaaay better!)


  1. I wonder what would have happened if you had said "This ONE TIME ONLY you can wipe your face on MY shirt."

  2. LOL..
    Later in life you will be hearing "I only did it once"..and the same head spinning look will be coming back at you. Gotta love the little blessings..hehe

  3. Cheer up. A little peer pressure and horrified shrill little girl voices shrieking "Ewwwww! That's groooss!" Will cure her of that if she does it in front of her age-mates.
    No one is more judgmental and up on the niceties of etiquette than girl-children.

  4. Oh the joys of concrete thinking. Ya gotta love it. Or not.

    Miz Kizzle is probably onto something. Hope so anyway. Any way to set this up (train another little kid and bribe them with some candy) and see what happens?

  5. Oh, I am Sooooo sorry! I don't know why but I think this is the funniest post you have ever written - I'm just shaking with supressed laughter. My own fluids are flowing.

  6. All I can say is that she and Phillip would make quite the pair.

  7. Too true, the other darling girls will correct her immediately, I'm sure.
    She already wipes her face on my shirt! She disguises it as an affectionate rub and presses her cheek onto me then slides her face over until I am inadvertantly wiping her nose. Sigh.
    Annie you will be thrilled to know that boogers are my worst nightmare. I can handle almost any other nasty gross bodily function but a noseful of boogers will make me hurl. I am about to puke just typing it.

  8. hehe. i have to do it myself sometimes..ok so i don't melt down but sometimes i have a big allergy attach and i have nothing nothing on me to deal with i use my sleve or the neck of my's not that bad surely...its clear liquid not green and really gross...ok it is pretty grim but what else are you going to do? here they blow into there hands and drop it on the floor ..that's worse i think

  9. Doesn't it just figure? They can't generalize when you want them to, but the one time it would work to your advantage, they generalize the heck out of it!


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