Friday, July 10, 2009

Eating worms

If I remember it right, there is a line in a children's book about a kid who feels sorry for himself and says, I think I am going home to eat worms. That is where I am. Eating worms. Having myself a pity party. Wanna' come?

My camera broke. For once I bought the stupid extended warranty that the little teenage boy at the register convinced me was a good idea. Sure it was, but now I have to deal with all the mess of that. I would rather have a working camera.

Got no car again and can't go anywhere. I am torn because we could trade the old crummy car in the cash for clunkers program and get the $3500 and I have some money from one of those credit card programs for another $3500 to get a new car. Or, we can repair the old car again and hope it holds together this time. A lot of people think buying a new car is stupid but it is my opinion that you pay either way. You buy a new car and you make payments, or you have a used car and you make repairs. Payments or repairs. Which do I want.

My girls were supposed to stay with my parents for a few days. But, Genea had an unforseen visit from The Crazy and it freaked out my parents so bad that they were sent home early. I really, really, was looking forward to that break. The Husband and I never even had a chance to go out to dinner. Pity. Party. The good part is that my mom finally got a good close up look at The Crazy, (even though it was mild). When she was done describing it, I told her Mom, that is how she always is. She holds it together when we are out places but when we are home that is how she is. My mom said, you mean her happy smiling self, that's not how she is all the time? No. It isn't. Oddly enough, it will be nice to have an end to the comments such as "no wonder the pharmaceutical companies are so rich" and "what ever happened to talking about your problems and going on". It has been 98% my own fault. I don't like to talk to actual people about how things really are with Genea because I know how it all sounds, and I know how she looks to them. Instead, I like to hope that people will give me the benefit of the doubt that I know what I am doing and would never do anything to hurt her. This has been a tall order for most people.

In other Genea news, she is better than she has ever been and this is the longest stretch of manageable behavior we have had. She dried up with the P during the day around mid- May. In mid- June she started having dry nights and we did away with the you- know- whats (dreaded dasterdly pull ups). Dry as the Sahara around here until this past Friday, Saturday, Sunday...... etc. So back to diapers at night, which we practically have to duct tape onto her being as we bought the biggest size they had at Shopko but they are still too small. We are making NO issue of it at all. Told her everyone has accidents. Daddy had an accident with his car. Mama had an accident and hurt her toe. Genea p'd the bed, it happens. I am trying SO HARD to force new directions into her brain and her brain is trying hard to fall back onto the pathways it has developed for the past 6 years.

A bit of cuteness to sneak in.... when Genea realized she and Teena were coming home early from my parents house (which was about 3 hours after I told her on the phone lol), she went into the bedroom they use, packed up their suitcase, dragged it down the stairs and parked it against the door. Happy to come home? A bit?

To my great discouragement, I was kicked out of the ad program I had on here for some unknown reason that they will not tell me. Not that it was gaining me anything, but still.

Summer school ends next week. 6 weeks until school starts again. With nothing to do and nowhere to go. Fun times a comin'.

You know what would make me happy? A great new handbag. A really expensive salute to consumerism and materialistic selfish shallow me-ness. And again I must point out, a well made quality handbag is an investment. A far more stable investment than some silly stocks that wind up valued at less than a penny and then the government has to buy the company with my taxes and in the end everyone owns it. You don't see Coach or Fendi looking for a bail out do you? Unfortunately, I have to be a responsible adult and parent right now even though I don't want to. Sigh.

So, serving up Worm Soup on a hot day here at my Pity Party. Hungry?


  1. I think it's just one of those weeks? I'm having one too and will join you in the pity party although the worms even jokingly gross me out so I'll have to pass.. lol I have a completely abnormal aversion to anything slithery :)

  2. Oh Essie...

    I think you're absolutely right to not make an issue out of the return of the P.

    I'm sorry that you and the husband didn't get the break you wanted, but Genea packing her suitcase sure is cute!


  3. Oh how I have missed thee.

    Pity parties can rock so make sure you clear out the floor and have a really, really big one. Put on It's my party and I'll cry if I want to. Somedays it just has to happen.

    I do love that Genea had her bag all packed. Could be why she was a stinker. I'd want to come home too with an awesome mom like you! ;-)

  4. I agree with Mama IS one of those weeks for sure, I had my pity party on Monday!

    That is super cute that she had her bag packed!

  5. Sounds like more good news than bad. I usually have a visit from The Crazy when I come home after a trip. For Genea it was just a bit early. I was actually wondering about that idea when you first mentioned it.

    And it IS great that your parents have a better idea what you are dealing with and WITHOUT you having to "badmouth" your daughter, so to speak.

    I missed you too. You may be eating worms, but you provide such a nice morsel for me to read, very wholesome but spicy.

  6. Try the extra small adult diapers, the fitted ones, instead of EX pull ups. They hold more pee and they are cheaper!






    Thank you.

  8. S was visited by The Crazy at respite too. Must be something in the air this week. I totally think a new handbag would help.

  9. I'm going to sing the worm song to you and then I'll go read the post:

    Nobody likes me
    Everybody hates me
    Guess I'll go eat worms

    Big, fat, juicy ones
    Little, tiny, skinny ones
    Eating, eating garden worms

    There's a verse and a chorus. The next verse is a little graphic...

  10. We bought a new car three years ago. We managed to put enough down on it not to be upside down on it ever. Before we relented to the new car our previous three were nightmares. A/C broke. Electrical problems, steering problems, transmission problems. We finally just got tired of it all. Three years - no problems. Fuel pump went out but turned out to be bad gas so it would have been paid for outside of warranty anyway.

    I don't know that we'll always buy new, this one should last many more years and we're not buying until the kids get some grasp on not destroying things. But I don't regret buying this one.

  11. we all need pity parties every now and then. i had myself one last week and now i really should update my blog as it looks like i've been having this party for way too long. take care and go for a new car, i would...but i can't drive. however if you get a new one has good fuel economy you may save something over the long run...

  12. I feel your pain on one account. We've just spent 9 days with extended family. Things got a little hairy at the end for one of my little ones. Family got to see a "mini" meltdown. Funny, they thought it was a real meltdown. hahahaha. They have no idea.

    Don't eat worms. Buy a handbag instead!

  13. ok, so 3 votes for the hand bag, NO votes for the worms.
    Done deal!

  14. Ezra has been suffering from a bit of a setback for the past few weeks as well. He was doing so well in the pee dept. but over the past few days has regressed back to where he was and upped it by adding no. 2 to the mix. Fun! I am not in to handbags myself, but I have spent way too much money on yarn and fabric. Coping is getting expensive.

  15. Ginny, you're too funny.

    Nastya has also had a serious regression. Fortunately she simply gets violent. Yesterday I had to hold her down and I swear she sounded like something out of The Exorcist. I'd swear she saw it and was imitating it, except I know she didn't. I can't figure it out. I think the counselor mentioned that if Maxim moved out someone else might "fill the void" - and how! And right when I was feeling so capable, too....

  16. The minute I start to think I know what I am doing, the little buggers know it and jack it up.

    I might be spending too much money on yarn too. I hit a streak there about a month ago. But it is so pretty and soft and again.... I have something to show for it. Not like stock in GM for example.


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