Monday, July 20, 2009

Crystal Methampheta-webkins

WHAT is up with these things?

Genea got this little blue stuffed animal that looks like a hippo, for her birthday. She was told by the giver that it is a Webkin, you go on the internet and look it up by a little tag and it will have a story and some games and stuff.

Sounded harmless.

Unusual for Genea, she remembered that she had been told to look on the computer well after the fact. So she nagged her Daddy for weeks to help her. Her Daddy tried to suggest that her Mama could be the one to help with it. Her Mama reminded her Daddy that it was his mother who had given the gift, therefore his responsibility. Her Mama was genuinely shocked when that tactic actually worked.

So, do these things have heroin stuffed in their little hairs? Are there subliminal messages on the website? WHAT IS UP with these things, my girls have turned into total WEBkin- Heads! Soon, their little teeth are going to start falling out! (Oh wait, that is supposed to happen). They are going to start listening to long drum solo's and enjoying them. It's like they are jonesing for crack or meth. Their shaky little voices saying "must have more webkin, need to get well"!

What is worse, is that The Husband has been similarly sucked into the world of Webkins. He is having just as much fun (though will deny it) playing the games and getting points for food money, and feeding it etc. Mind you, this is all just fine with me! Occupy all 3 of them at one time, obsessively trying to figure out how to buy a bed for this vermin- NOT a problem! Take your time! Check its little water meter thingy!

The thing belongs to Genea, but Teena is similarly obsessed. She asked her Daddy to go to Webkin World approximately every 3 minutes for 5 hours straight. It is unbelievable to me that we let her live. She even begs. Her Daddy suggested we get her one of her own. Her Mama mentioned something to the effect of 'over my dead body', something else about 'are you an idiot?', and the idea was shelved.

I am not complaining, I am just documenting for a future DSM category. Webkin Compulsive Checking Addiction Disorder. I don't get it.


  1. Oh, tip of the iceberg, my friend. I'd be embarrassed to tell you how many Webkinz my kids have.

    For awhile there, I was helping Katya (who was the most irresposible with her Webkinz dollars -- always spending, never earning) keep her account up by playing games for her. Then my oldest daughter got annoyed with that and said, "MOM! How is she ever going to learn if you keep giving her money!"

    It's a sickness, I tell you. That and lego dot com.

  2. *raises hand sheepishly* I have the exact same Webkinz as Genea... And I'm 23...

  3. My daughter has one and all three kids were entertained for a while...until we got a, Im afraid to check the poor webkins site; the poor thing hasnt been fed or watered in months!

  4. Webkinz is the gateway drug to Facebook

  5. Alena got one for her birthday two years ago and treated it like a stuffed toy, never even asking to go on the computer with it. Katrina got one a year & a half ago and also never asked. Until one rainy day in April...

    Luckily for me, my 9-year-old nephew was here and was MORE THAN HAPPY to show them how it worked and what to do and how to feed it and how to clothe it and how to furnish its house, etc. etc. They spent the better part of the rainy afternoon doing this and afterwards my girls knew exactly what to do ALL BY THEMSELVES. (Have I told you how much I LOVE my nephew?!?) It's really nice once they learn to read so they can do it without asking me to come and read instructions every.three.seconds!

    The fad lived on for a couple of weeks, but neither have asked to play since then. Way too much outside stuff to do this summer. I'm sure come fall they'll be at it again, but until then they just play with their 'kins along with all of their other stuffed toys.

  6. oh my garsh I have one of those little things at my house so now I must go online and check it out!!!

  7. We don't have any...but the fact that it occupies your hubby, along with 2 kids for a long better get Teena one too. And Daddy one too.

  8. haha i will have to look that up. never heard of it.
    As for you guys coming over are more than welcome!! we have bunk beds!! :)

  9. Ohhh...sounds like something to add to my "do not buy" list! ;>

  10. Kate - you are probably right.... Though the games are "educational", or so I'm told. I am a bit old-fashioned myself and like "educational" to come in the form of books and paper with the occasional museum thrown in.

    Nastya will not be a computer devotee, I'm sure, until she is able to be a "mean girl" on My Space or IM. I see her future. (And it's my job to change the course of it, I suppose.) The IDEA of the webkinz intrigues her, but only because she can have a password and keep others out. She only has so much stamina for doing whatever it is she's supposed to do. Once she has completely alienated her brothers by closing out just as they want to see what she's doing, and lauding it over them that they don't know her password! she's done. She's figured out how to watch movies and old Hannah Montana episodes on computer, and there is where she is AT. TV and weaving friendship bracelets. Keeps her as calm as flaxseed oil.


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