Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One Last Worm

This is not good. I have to add on to Eating Worms from last week.

Genea's psychiatrist had a stroke last week the day after we saw him. I am going to tentatively and very hopefully say that he seems to be recovering but initially things were bad.

The poor man! He is almost 80, and he is the only male doctor I have ever met that I have had any use for. No offense to all the great male doctors out there who I have never met of course. But the ones I have met have been useless. Except this one! I worked as a therapist with many of his patients so I have known him for about 8-9 years. Brilliant. I have watched him crack the chemical code for so many people and if he can't help, he keeps trying.

He gets Genea.

He does not give the look of "you are a horrible mother and you have ruined your daughter so go home and live with it" that one usually gets if ever one is brave enough to try to describe how things really are. You know that look? The "hasn't the poor innocent darling been through enough now she has this witch of a mother what did she expect". He does not say things like "maybe she is just trying to please you" (read: you controlling unfeeling bitch).

He is a genuinely nice, considerate person and he cares. He cares if she gets better. He doesn't look at Genea like an interesting case or rattle off some stupid inaccurate diagnosis because he wasn't listening and hand out a bag of meds ignoring us the whole time. He listens, then we discuss, then act. He was just thrilled last week when I told him how well Genea is doing. Like I said he is really old, so his idea of a pop culture reference is to bring up Shirley Temple and he thinks Genea looks like her and mentions it every time. So this last time I taught Genea the Good Ship Lollipop song and had her sing it for him. He was beside himself! (and it was actually really darn cute if I do say so myself)

The first time I brought Genea in to see him, he said this. There is no precedence for this, but I am going to try to help you. And help he did!

So I am sending all my positive thoughts and energy off across the Fox River to the hospital where he has just been moved out of ICU. Save the brain people, save the brain!


  1. Sending good thoughts too- Docs who "get it" are hard to find!!

    Save the Brain... Save the Brain!

  2. Wow. Hope he pulls through. He must really, really love what he does to not retire already!

    I remember as kids, our pediatrician was 80 something too.

  3. I will pray for him...and hope he's mentored quite a few along the way.

    That's a big worm to swallow.

  4. Sending good vibes his way. Hang in there Doc. Your work here isn't quite done!

  5. Well it worked, lol.
    Seriously though, he has had an abrupt turn of health and is doing considerably better!
    Wow, you guys are great!

    Still in the hospital of course, but no longer assumed out of practice.


  6. So glad he's better! We need to keep those good people around us for as long as possible.

  7. Oh wow, I know you are so glad to have someone that really cares, listens, and tries to help! You are right, that is so rare. I am glad he is doing better.


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