Sunday, July 26, 2009

No Teddy Grahams in Jail

Sorry kids, they just don't serve Teddy Grahams in jail.

Someone, as per my children, evidently sneaked into the house (their grammar) and this person, despite all the opportunities available to her, decided to do something odd. This person thought it would be nice to have some juicy lips. Yes indeed, sounded strange to me too.

So this person, sneaked into the girls room when they were sleeping. This person went into the stash of chapsticks and took one out. At this point, the person with the dry lips got distracted. I still am not clear on the details since they don't make any sense, but the person with the dry lips got distracted by the floor. Specifically, the rug on the floor.

And apparently, though this person who sneaked into our house was suffering mightily from dry lips, so much so that she risked the police being called on her by sneaking into our home, this person with layers of dry skin peeling off her mouth and flapping in the wind decided it would be a good idea to draw on the rug with the chapstick instead. Pink chapstick. Yup.

Not my kids. A person who sneaked in. That is their story and they are sticking to it.


  1. Sounds perfectly logical to me. ;-0

  2. We are in this stage with Larkspur. She lies constantly and doesn't bat an eyelash. My boys never did this. I think girls are a bit evil. Seriously-Larkspur is just really bad lately. I guess I could chalk it up to her getting three new siblings sort of all at once, and her losing her spot as baby. But it's easier just to call her rotten.

  3. Well thank goodness this person has decided to move on from our house to yours. When they hit our house it was a door and wall in the bathroom. That darn chapped-lipped sneak!!!

  4. No need to thank me for the chapstick. Consider it a gift from my boys to your girls! I can also send you the lip gloss, blush and mascara that go with the complete set. Hee!

  5. Oooh, you can be my stalker and I will be just as famous as the Yarn Harlot! We would LOVE to have you visit.

  6. Wow! I'm torn. Should I hide all our chap stick or put in an alarm system?? ; )Thanks for your encouragement today. We are having a day.

  7. Yes, my son has blatantly tried to tell me, with pencil still in hand, that a ghost sneaked in and wrote on his wall. . . .

  8. Good to know. Hope the dry-lipped person is apprehended soon. The havoc his (her?) sneaking could wreak!


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