Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Cool Kids (and me!)

The time winding down to the start of school has got me feeling more and more irritable. I don't know why, I would think that the big day being so close (9 more of them!) would have me elated. It hasn't. I am at the end of my rope and feeling just..... irritable. I am trying really hard to keep it together and not let my frustrations show, but I find that I generally think I am doing a much better job of that than other people do. Teena talking and whining and doing her own thing makes me want to scream. Genea trying to control every facet of our days and me trying to Be The Mom instead of her is exhausting.

I've been tired. And I am whining! My house is a wreck because I keep thinking..... I will have all day to do that very soon. I am putting a big effort into having cool projects for the girls and making our days relaxing and interesting with little surprises and a few days of super big fun. 

So this weekend has been a fabulous one. Okay, check this out. I got to meet the real Corey from Watching the Waters. Seriously, in person! (btw y'all, she is a tiny little thing! Super secret tidbit from an insider!). And, I hung out with Sarah of Five Frozen Chamorros who lives here in town with her 5 kids and here is a super secret tidbit about her.... she handles her 5 kids and a bunch of strays, including mine, like some kind of Mom- Savant. I swear, like Rainman could brilliantly add and multiply a billion numbers I never even heard of, that's how she is as a mom. We hung out at Sarah's house on Thursday with Angie (who is in the pic and who also lives here and knows Corey) and then Angie had us over to her house for dinner in the evening. Folks, I tell you, Angie has a house that could be in a magazine and she can make a grand margarita! All this courtesy of Corey's Mom Matching!

Anyway, there were a few other people at Angie's house for dinner and they were adoptive mom's too. Now I know I have read a dozen times from other bloggers who have adopted traumatized children and they all say the same thing- it is such a lifesaver to be able to be around people who get it. Oh my goodness, how true that is!  When you are around people who "get it", you can let it all out. Like other mom's get to do on a daily basis because their stuff is "normal". Our stuff is "not normal".

What I didn't expect is that there was almost no lag time. We introduced each other and exchanged basic pleasantries, then we were all off and running. All of us mom's sat down at the dinner table and talked and talked and talked like we had known each other for twenty years. It was amazing and fabulous and wonderful.

Corey and Sarah and Angie went off to run a marathon on Saturday. I'm guessing I don't have to discuss the many ways in which that was not going to include me. 

Today, we met at Sarah's house again for a big barbecue. We had 2 dozen pictures taken on various cameras. I made a point of saying that whoever got to make a blog post fastest would get the pic up first. I also duly issued the disclaimer that I reserved the right to put up the pic where I looked the best. Sorry if you were picking your nose.

Sarah, Stephanie (who is a blogger in the area but I could not find her blog to link in the post), me (yes, I know, if this is the best pic then I really need an Oprah Makeover), Corey and Angie.


  1. I am SO glad you got to experience the greatness of socializing with moms who get it! It is the bestest thing EVER! Too bad you live waaay over there, or we could experience it together!

  2. Oh, that sounds wonderful! Other adoptive mommy friends are the best!

  3. Sounds fantastic. I do not have any fellow adoptive moms in my local circle, so I get that support through blogging. But, I have had the fun of meeting other adoptive moms I know through blogging, and you're right, it is fun to hang out with others who get it.

  4. This is the very. first. moment I have ever had where I wish I still lived in Green Bay. I hate being left out.

  5. Lucky lucky lucky! Meeting up together sounds like a total blast!

  6. Thrilled for you, and jealous as can be!

  7. What a great thing for you to be able to do! Im slightly jealous though. I hope you get over the blahhs that you are experiencing...,school will be here before you know it!

  8. I wish green bay was closer to the great white north, you are close but not that close. It is so great to be able to hang out with other mamas who get it, I am jealous to say the very least!

  9. Your title had me laughing cause that's just how I think of it--me hanging out with the cool kid bloggers!

    Just so y'all know, Essie is like one of the coolest people I have ever met. SHE is super tiny and looks like she could kick all of our ass's in a half-marathan. And to top it all off, Essie has impeccable taste in house dinnerware imaginable. Plus she has the best vocabulary around and is hysterical. And the gal knits. I totally lucked out to find such a gem in my area (or anywhere else for that matter!)

    Just a few more days. And then total blissful quiet well-deserved freedom for 8 hours each day. Provided you can get both girls in their classrooms before the bells simultaneously ring and the doors lock down, right? ;) But seriously babe, if anyone can pull that one off, it will be you, I am SURE of that!


  10. PS- You look totally smokin' on the photo on my blog, too. Actually, you look good in every photo I have. No nose pickin' going on with Essie!

  11. So great meeting you! It was refreshing and comfortable to hang out with all you ladies.

  12. Ah, this sounds like WAY too much fun. Am ultra-jealous!

  13. What a weekend!!! Not only did the moms instantly click, but the kids hit it off, too!! Since when does that happen?!!

    Looking forward to seeing you again SOON :).


  14. Beautiful photo. It's one of the rare ones where you can just see the fun you're all having, you know?

  15. Thanks everyone!

    MommyPhD you are right on, and we were!


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