Sunday, August 15, 2010


Mom in the Trench from gave me this beautiful award! And it is, literally, beautiful!

I love and appreciate awards in a huge way. I am basically blogging to myself over here, and have no way to know if I sound like an idiot or if any of this is of any interest to anyone.  So awards and comments are it for me! MitT is one of those Mom's who has a hundred kids with massive issues who loves so strongly she keeps bringing home more. She attacks the RAD with a vengeance that should have the RAD shivering in its stinky boots. And to top it off she has a sense of humor about it all, even when she is swimming in pee (and we all know that is NOT a metaphor). So, here I go passing it on.

First, to Annie at because not only is she a beautiful blogger but she will also beat me up if I don't pass it on to her. And folks, I am scared of her. She works at a church and has close access to the people in charge of random lightning strikes. But beyond that her posts are always so well thought out and reflective and well, beautiful! I look forward to every single one and would suggest she post more often if it weren't for the fear.

Second and third, to Claudia at and to Lulu at What Now? . Both of these women have adopted recently and both produce some incredibly thoughtful posts that are well- written and make you think. Their thoughts on their children, adoption, and motherhood are not at all typical. They are different people and in vastly different circumstances not to mention on different continents, I am grouping them together because I love to read them for the same reasons.

Kim at The Courageous O'Connor's has a full house and a lot to say! With both written posts and great photo's, she is another honest blogger who tells it as it is without forgetting to mention the piles of good stuff too! OOoh and you get to oogle pictures of her beautiful new baby too!

If you haven't already, you really should go check them out. Read! Comment! Follow! They are awesome! There are always people I forget, and then there are the people I can't find because they hide their blogs from me (ie, their blogs are not linked to their profiles or signatures). If that is you, please consider making it possible to find you!


  1. Well, then....I guess I can put that lightening bolt back in my holster, and call in the Vatican guard.

    Thanks - coming from you, who I (in all honesty) admire SUPREMELY, an award is HUGE.

    Talk about having POWER? YOUR blog has such pull with the powers-that-be that you manage to have movie-worthy plot lines just THROW themselves at you so that your blogging can take on the power of literature. That is really not fair to those of us who have to just blog about our kids' having meltdowns over teeth-brushing. (I've been scrabbling for material, don't you know!)

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  3. Oh wow! This post is TWO of the nicest things that have happened to me recently. First, an award! YAY! (Yes, it seems that I'm still twelve). Second, being in the same paragraph as Lulu at What Now? made me punch the air and run around a little. Thanks! You're way too nice.

    Now I have to go and check out all your other links...

  4. thanks for the award. you are so nice!


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