Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lip Plumper

I had some thoughts. While this is not always a good thing, I decided to share because that is just the kind of generous I am.

If I put lip plumper on my boobs, will I gain a cup size? And if not, will the *ahem* tingling make it worth while anyhow?

I have been hyper vigilant about my hair. I have an irrational fear of "Mom Hair". Instead I have been growing it very long. I decided that I am finally wayheyhey too old for super long hair, so this is the last time I will really let it grow out. (I had decided the same thing when I turned 30 but things changed). Anyway, with all that attention going to the style I forgot to monitor my natural white highlights. Ugh.

Amy, is that you reading? You may as well just speak up. Seriously.

Levi Johnson and John Gosslieng are absolute imbecilic donut holes. For the love of all the cabbage on the planet, shuuuuut uuuuuup. Shut up and go take care of your kids. Remember them? You. Ridiculous. Donut. Holes. Here is a great opinion piece that made me laugh by Gail Collins. BTW, I deliberately spelled their names wrong so they will not have the joy of a google alert telling them I was writing about them. Dumb asses.

I was on a Ferris wheel with Teena over the weekend and the height was freaking me out. Teena said, "be brave Mama", and refused to hold my hand.

I saw a man at the amusement park with an enormous green and yellow #4 (Brett Favre reference) tattooed on his arm with some words to the effect of the greatest ever (American football) living legend. Carefully consider your tattoo's people. Permanent. Remember that. They are permanent.

I am leaving tomorrow for my class in Virginia Beach. Woo Hoo! I figured out how to post to my blog from my phone, so I am planning to do that. Technology is SO DANG COOL! There is a way to post pics from my phone also, but sadly that seems to be too cool for me. I can pick up comments from my phone in my email too, but I can't leave any or check other blogs.

I will also tweet from class if it doesn't get me kicked out. In which case I will do it afterwards ha ha. I will be back on Sunday. Be sure to check out next weeks Too True Tuesday, I had a fun idea and will put up the details soon.


  1. tingly boobs? hmmm. . . .

    My hair has natural "white" highlights too, but luckily, I am not a brunette, so unless you look really closely, they look like salon-highlights. At least that's what I think, even if no one else agrees with me.

    There is a hilariious youtube video showing Hitler's reaction to the Vikings - it was quite amusing - I thought of you - you should search for it, if you haven't seen it. :)

  2. Just tint those white suckers pink and THERE YA GO, SISTER! ;) haha

    Levi and John are total tools. I couldn't agree more.

    Hey... do you think that if I put preparation H on my boobs I could get them to shrink a cup size? If that works, if I put it on my butt and love handles, will it do the same?? I think you are on to something here...

  3. Hey. You have no email posted.
    Can you go to my blog and leave me a comment with it? I won't publish it.

    Or will I?? (kidding. kidding.)

  4. Have a great trip! Careful with those tweets. Don't get kicked out!

  5. Have a wonderful time! Learn lots too! Looking forward to your tweets!

  6. I'm with the prep h. Oh how I wish that would work.

    Have a fabulous time. Tweet, tweet, tweet....

  7. oooooh, I never thought of the preperation h..... who is going to try it first? Specifically someone with cellulite on the upper leg? We could really start something and buy up some stock then publish our results!

  8. Levi is just a kid. Jon Gosselin is supposedly an adult, an irresponsible, narcissistic, clueless adult. Why in God's name anyone would find him attractive I don't know. He has a smirky, rubbery quality to his face that repulses me. And those sunglasses! I guess he thinks they make him look hot but they only make him look like he's trying not to look like Jon Gosselin.
    He and Kanye West are at the top of my list of Human Hemorrhoids.

  9. Miz K, Levi is in the process of deciding what he wants to show in his spread in Playgirl. I AM SERIOUS! He is deciding between frontal nudity or rear nudity. donut.hole.!


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