Tuesday, September 1, 2009

TTT #4 Too True Tues

Hey y'all, it is time again for Too True Tues! That day of the week and time of the month where you lay out there for all to see, your semi embarrassing secrets for the fun of the rest of us.

This week, I still have socks to match up to make for the smoothest possible first day of school so I gotta be quick. This is something that I am actually not embarrassed about, but a lot of people seem to think I should be. Many people in the past have gasped in horror at this, giving me Appalled Eyes. They clearly have thought I just did not have the sense to realize how awful this really is. But, I am just a realistic person. Not terribly romantic or sentimental, and I don't like crap. Or curio's.

So here it is.... I buy my own gifts. Yep. I like a good gift waaaaay too much to leave the whole thing up to chance. Will The Husband remember? Should I leave hints around the house so he gets my birthday right? If I shove this jewelry flyer up his nose will he realize I want the ring on page 6? I have a few of the sentimental things from the beginning of our relationship. A flower vase, a name pin, things like that. But when it comes to gifts, well, there seems to be a genetic impairment. The Husband is prone to giving a lot of little gifts. I am prone to liking a few significant gifts. And it is my opinion that the gift should be about the recipient. In some families, believe it or not, the gift is about the giver. Seriously! Some people live like that! The way it goes is that the giver selects something they like, and presents it to you as an extension of themselves. Ok, I am going way to far off course here. That is other people.

Anyway, so a ways back in time I realized that if I wanted a good gift, I was going to have to select it myself. And by the way while I was selecting it, I may as well just go ahead and buy it. Cuts down on mistakes that way. Much less opportunity to get it wrong.

I get what I want, The Husband gets to chill, we are all happy!

So, here is the Mr. Linky thing. Go off and write about an odd little thing you do that others might find appalling. Then be sure to come back and link up here or people won't know how to find your story. Cuz that is half the fun!


  1. "Extension of the giver" - yipes! That's a scary thought. That concept must be for the married couples who sit side by side when they are at a booth in a restaurant...and I'm sure when they are in their pick-up, she sits in the middle, next to "her man". And when he gives her a new cowboy hat for her birthday, she wears it with pride.

    At some point along the way, it occurred to me that the money going for the gift was the same money I was attempting to "manage" as regards, groceries, medical bills, etc. Took the magic out of the whole gift thing, really.

    So, maybe the ideal gift is - my husband FINDS a $100 bill on the ground and GIVES IT TO ME! THAT is a GIFT!!

  2. Totally with you on this. I do it too. Everyone is happier this way. ;-)

  3. I make a very specific list, and everyone, and my husband buys from this. We only settled into this routine within the past few years, and I think we are both hugely relieved by it! I even put things like "6 cans of chipotle peppers" and "get my ring cleaned" on the list because one of the biggest gifts I can recieve is the gift of time saved by not having to run around on little errands!

  4. Just hoping day one in New School went smoothly. Match those socks! And tell us how G does.

  5. My husband is actually a really good gift giver. He comes up with way better stuff than I could ever think of myself!

    But, unfortunately for him, it doesn't work in the reverse. I never know what to get him and I am often guilty of telling him to please buy something for himself.

  6. Not bad. I never remember birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's etc. Christmas and Halloween and Thanksgiving and only because there is candy or food involved. I also don't do Thank You cards. I will thank you verbally and that should suffice. Drives the old people batty.

  7. My hubby and I have done this too. It just seems easier. This drives some people nuts but we also ASK each other, what do you want? I mean nothing is crappier than getting something you have no use or desire to have and you have to act like you like it.

  8. Oh the pressure. I think I ran out of embarrassing things that I'm willing to admit to! Still thinking. You know I like to procrastinate.

  9. I think the gift as an extension of the giver is what makes all those APPLE "Best Teacher" gifts popular. I know they're heartfelt. I even bought one myself when I was in middle school for an amazing teacher.

    But, seriously--give me something consumable (like a gift card or some brownies or even a candle) that shows I'm a person AND a teacher.

    Fortunately my sister decorates her kitchen in an apple theme. ;>

  10. Oh ugh, I can only imagine how much apple stuff teachers must get. Yikes!
    Yes, I think the gift as a piece of the person is odd, especially as adults.
    However, when I extend myself with a gift to myself it all works out perfectly so go figure.


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