Monday, October 4, 2010


Nightmare of nightmares, our internet indeed took a fall and could not get back up. So for the past week we have had super slow, spotty access and it has been horrible! Also, there has been a lot of other shit going on in my world so I'm going to bullet point a few things just to make it snappy.

  • My in-laws and my period arrived at the same time. The universe hates me.
  • Genea and Teena have both been sick
  • Now I am sick!
  • Skankenho passed out in her house with her kids locked out after school. They wound up at my house and after an hour and a half I had to report it to the police. The police were able to wake her and the kids went home. 
  • I don't like sentence-finishers. Especially when the finisher is prone to finishing my sentences in the most negative way possible. 
  • I have a guppy I need to have verified by the Guiness Book of World Records. It will not die. It also appears to be a cannibal as no other guppy has survived his companionship.
  • The Husband cleaned the toilet with bleach. Then he used a scrubbie to get all the "oogedy" stuff off. The scrubbie appears to have reacted with the bleach cleanser and turned our toilet bowl a pale blue color. With scrubbie marks everywhere. And splotches. The scrubbie was a coppery looking thing from Dollar Tree. Don't dis my Dollar Tree if you have a theory to explore on the cause of this oddity.
  • Oprah has not contacted me. I have written her 3 times and applied for the audience of 12 shows, including one of her "last minute reservation" shows. Yes, you have to fill out an application to be in the audience. And that's okay! But, I really need a makeover. My hair is too long, straight and straggly and I am waiting for an Oprah Makeover. Anyway, I never heard back on the shows I wrote in for but definitely got a NO THANKS LADY on my audience reservation requests.
  • I got the book "The Boy who was Raised as a Dog" by Bruce Perry and as recommended by Annie and kate and some others. I devoured it. It should be required reading for pre- adoptive families!
  • Where did everybody go? I used to read like, 60 blogs a day. Now I have about 15 to read on a good day. If you seem to notice you are gone, please make a note of it.
So, that's all for now! 


  1. I've been gone. I got trapped under a mountain of moving boxes. I'm about resurfaced, though.

  2. I have been missing people too. I was wondering where you had gone. Caring for the neighbor kids, huh? How'd that work out for ya? I'm glad you were there to be a safe place for them.


  3. I've been gone. Too much to do at work -- can barely breathe. Coming back soon though, as research deadline is rapidly approaching.

  4. When is child protective services going to do the right things and investigate the skanky neighbor lady? Those poor kids must have been terrified at not being able to get into the house while mom was inside. Although maybe they're used to it. Too sad.
    If I recall my college chemistry correctly, the copper from the Dollar Store scrubby thing oxidized when it came in contact with the bleach, hence the blue color inside the bowl. That type of thing would never happen in my house because I am the only one who cleans the toilet bowls, aside from the lady who comes in once every two weeks to tackle the jobs that I can't do. If I waited two weeks for the toilets to be cleaned they'd be a far worse color than pale blue.

  5. Skankenho - Grrrr
    It does seem that everybody has disappeared. Hoping it's not for the same reason I had to vamoose.

  6. come back. Maybe the bullets would help me, too.

    My husband did something like that to my tub; it used to be nice, now it is all stiped with grayish lines where some sort of cleaner he used dripped down. Oh, well. I used to care. No more.

  7. Sounds like maybe Skankenho doesnt need to have her kids back...

    I LOVED "Boy who was raised as a dog". I read that before my kids came home. Very good book, and I agree, a must read.

  8. i was realizing the other day that many of the blogs I follow have closed - it's just too tough to be scrutinized I think. Plus, so many have ended up with really rough situations with their kiddos

  9. Oh, I just read "The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog" and found it very interesting and very informative (and hopeful). After I bought it, I learned that the author is coming to our area this month, and would love to hear him speak!

  10. so i've just spent the last few days ignoring the real world and devouring your blog.

    love it.

    especially the comments about turkey. unfortunatly, it's thanksgiving this weekend here, and i'm thinking about becoming vegetarian on saturday around midnight, and going back to my regular meat eating ways around sunday at midnight. (that's not going to fly with my family though, who are also card carrying members of the 'clean your plate' club as well as the 'you will eat what is put in front of you' club)

  11. Where am I? I would love to answer that, but the chaos of three boys ages 7 and under has me a wee bit distracted ( and posting dog photos). Can I write Oprah in your defense? Cuz she NEEDS you!! That would be a show I watched. Just sayin.....

  12. I would send Skankenho the fish. If anyone can kill it..

  13. hope you feel better...the thing with your husband sounds like something that would happen to me...

  14. SOOOO glad you got, read, and loved the book. I've read it about four times--and am ready for a fifth. I want to give it to Lexi's teacher, but don't want it lost. Or covered in goo.

    Just can't find the balance between sharing and oversharing.

  15. I know, I know I missed you, too! I'm back. I'm not sure where I was but it may involve The Boy, The Teenager and The Baby. Gotta go...The Baby just threw organic oatmeal at me. Can you imagine what she could do with gelatinous, orange noodles? PS My neighbor just gave the boy a turtle. What was she thinking? Do you think your guppy might eat "Frank" for me?


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