Saturday, October 9, 2010

Where Did I Go Wrong?

It's a serious question.

I've raised my children the good old fashioned American way. On processed foods and chemically preserved food-stuff. That they eat in front of the TV. Which is babysitting them.

(insert heavy sarcasm font above)

I offered my children a popular brand of canned spaghetti where the noodles are produced in cute little circles with a discolored glue probably intended to be the sauce. Where the can label lists things like toxicobenzene, red sludge,  rubberizedwhiteifiedflour, and 435 separate preservatives. The sort of thing that is quite possibly keeping Joan Rivers' face from falling off. The sort of thing I loved as a kid. That all kids should love. They have commercials! They have an adorable character! They have cute noodles!

They declined. Declined!!!

Why? They wanted me to make MY spaghetti. With MY sauce that I make from tomatoes and spices with straight noodles and stuff. Bah. They wanted me to cook. Cook!!! Food!!!

Where do they get these awful idea's? Where did I go wrong?


  1. One of my mom's favorite memories is the time she tried serving us those canned cute noodles in tomato sauce.

    We didn't decline, but she figured out we didn't like them when she saw the slide marks on the plates from when we dumped the surreptitiously in the garbage.

  2. Ha Ha! That'll learn ya for teaching them about real food.

  3. Ha! Well, I have all-around eaters who are happier with a home-cooked (preferably EU-inspired) meal, but they are willing to go the chemical route, too, without too much complaining.

    Have to say I was very heart-warmed yesterday, when Maxim was telling me how much he longed to go to our house and eat - the woman where he lives now only cooks this "healthy stuff".

  4. Oh man, you totally screwed up. Now you will have to cook meals for them until they grow up, and can't just open those cool cans that promise us freedom and sanity.

    Now you've ruined it for the rest of us, too. Oh, insert sarcasm font, please...

  5. I think they have changed the little round noodles since we were kids because I recently made some for my Girlie. I was excited about this tasty lunch because I remembered how much I loved the canned goodness, so I tasted it before serving it. I threw it out and made pb and j. So. Very. Sad.

    So, let's blame this on the noodle makers ok?


  6. LOL, it must have been a right of passage in the 80's to eat canned spaghetti-type-meals. I never did like them. My sister loved them. My husband LOVES them. So once when I went to a conference and he had the kiddos for the day, he had it all planned out that they'd have this wonderful lunch of spaghetticrap. HA. The kids didn't lke LOL

    ~Little Wonder

  7. OH!! those things are foul!! And what about the "meat" ravioli? What is going on there? My kids are the same way, they turn their refined little noses up at canned vegetables, canned pasta, and those heinous lunch in a plastic tray things.

  8. Hey, maybe they changed the recipe! Because they really seem a little more nasty than I remember. But still- if I am going to start to have to cook with the stove and stuff, this deal is off. Off!

    My kids actually like the plastic tray lunches because of the cookie. They only get them on rare occasions and claim to love them. I think they like to stack their own little sandwiches too. Of course if I bought crackers, cheese and lunchmeat they would cry. LOL!

  9. I'm not letting your kids give MY kids any ideas, that's for sure!


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