Friday, July 2, 2010

leftover thoughts

What do you all think about that denim diaper commercial? The one where that baby is parading the streets of some city in a shirt and diaper while pretentious statements are made about how fabulous he is? Cuz I would be less creeped out by a night time visit from Jeffery Dahmer holding a fork and I wouldn't touch their bizzaro diapers with a designer turd. My kids crapped the same in generic diapers as in any other kind.

Of course I said I would never let a stick of a certain gum pass my lips without Mike Tyson shoving it in there because their inane commercials about the dirty mouth/clean it UP made me nuts. That turned out to be a lie. Their packaging is bright and shiny and the easiest to grab in line. Call me a hypocrite.

If I wait a few more years will the bags under my eyes travel to become flattering cheekbones? With the right amount of fluid retention would I look like Maria Shriver?

I would like to know where my eyeliner actually goes. After an hour or two it is no longer on my eye area. It is not in the bags under my eyes, I checked. So, where is it?

If you know the answers to these, or any other questions, please leave a comment. Thank you for your concern.

Lastly, thank you to Shanti at Adoption Is Our Nutshell! She did a giveaway for a $20 Amazon card and I won. I have to say it was really nice because I have won a few little blog giveaways and never once have I received the item. So this was a lovely change! She asked for my email and I sent her a note by email with my home address and info on it. Um, duh. She sent it electronically and automatically. Ahem. So, THANK YOU! Check her out if somehow you have not!


  1. Re: The diaper commercial. I *just* do not know! They're cute, sure, but do they not go *under* baby clothes? Does not compute.

  2. Diaper thing creeps me out. My 10 year old said, "You are sooooo not buying those, MOM!!!"

    Eyeliner--I have the same problemo. I don't know why I bother applying it!

  3. I'm pretty sure my eyeliner ends up on my hands from the constant rubbing of the puffy, itchy undereyes.

  4. #1. Diapers- actually I must be the weird one but I absolutely love those little jean diapers.. lol.. I have bought a few packs myself for TheToddler.. Sure in normal circumstances they are covered up, but when it's hot and summery I do let him run around the house in his cute jean diapers & a shirt. lol

    #2. That commercial weirds me out too and I have resisted their bright and shiny packaging thus far, which totally makes up for #1.

    #3. I do believe those eye bags will become flattering cheekbones.. When Drool Prince was an infant he had THE hugest bags under his eyes. They were SOOO puffy, it's a wonder he could even open his eyes (I will post pics once he's adopted and you will see!), now that he's 4- they seem to have disappeared almost completely and dang if he doesn't have great cheekbones now!

    #4. If your eyeliner is anything like mine, it's probably on your fingers. For some reason, putting on makeup automatically signals me to start rubbing my eyes. I could go days without rubbing but put makeup on and ..well the makeup just never stays on.

    Glad I could help :)

  5. I have no answers only more questions. Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons? Why does my son not want to wash his hands the bathroom? Who invented eyeliner anyway? Why do we wear it? Who thought that bright shiny packages might be attracive to us and why are they right? What would I do if I could waste away my morning on the computer while my children stare brainlessly at the TV?

  6. Ok Ok I bought the diapers!! BUT to my defense I had a coupon and they were on sale so it ended up being less than the normal generics anyway.......and they are cute :)

  7. Yes, I've seen the diaper commercial, but I've never gotten too excited about diapers. They're diapers, no matter where you put the face of Winnie the Pooh or Tigger or Piglet. No, not even Angelina Jolie could interest me in a diaper.

    About the bags.... For some odd reason, that is one of the things that never goes away. But, try cold water, they tend to shrink away from cold water, for a while. Or, try making your eyebrows look real perky like Luciel Ball. Maybe hiking up your brows will cause the bags to stretch up and out of their baggie state. Eventually, though, your eyebrows will have to meet your hairline.

    Eyeliner? Not that I wear eyeliner, you know, but I've heard it is absorbed into the skin and eventually forms pockets under the skin and just under they eyes. Have you noticed any baggieness under your.... Oh, nevermind.

    Um...congratulations on being the big winner!

  8. Ah, the great ponderings of the universe! I wish I had answers...denim diapers sound quite hysterical, but even my 11 year old daughter pointed out (as you did) that "they do the same old poop in them anyway!".

    I decided if the bags under my eyes get any bigger, I will be charged extra for them on my next airplane trip. If they WOULD migrate, I need them to fill in the hollowed-out area under my cheekbones that seems to be the hallmark of my 40's.

  9. Yeah ok, if I had a coupon and they were on sale I would buy the diapers. Nothing really against denim diapers, it's the commercial I have issues with. But I have a lot of issues, so put it on the list.

    See, my eyebrows are sagging in a most unflattering way and are on their way to meet my eyelashes. The resulting puff of flesh may soon overtake my actual eyes rendering me blind. Therefore the trick to hike them up could be dangerous. This is just speculation and I may try anyway.

    It took me a minute, why wouldn't Adam and Eve have belly buttons? I think Adam would not but Eve would. Again, speculation.

    I don't have skinny hollows under my cheek bones, I have hollows under the eyes with a fluffy bag underneath. Isn't there a toxic chemical I could use here?

    Keep 'em coming! These are great!

    I checked my fingers. No eyeliner. Any other idea's?

  10. My eyeliner does the SAME thing. I think my skin absorbs it.

    Those denim diapers made my mouth drop. I looked over at my husband to see he had the same exact reaction. Speechless at the stupidity.

  11. 一個人的價值,應該看他貢獻了什麼,而不是他取得了什麼............................................................

  12. thought I was the only one creeped out by that commercial. the looks the baby gets from the adults is just disgusting in my opinion. ick ick.


  13. I thought you DID look like Maria Shriver! I envision you, from the meager portraits provided, as beautiful, unlike myself.

    Haven't seen any of the commercials; no down time to watch TV....but I do take offense by things like that, so go for it.

  14. ALL make-up disappears from my face. This was true when I was in theater and had EXPERTS applying THEATRICAL make-up. I'd come off stage and would not be wearing make-up, to all appearances. They blamed my skin, which must just have a self-cleaning function of some sort.

  15. I think what bothers me most about it is that they're talking about how great it is to put poop in. What happened to advertising not wanting to actually mention what products do like toilet paper or Rogaine.

    My eye makeup won't stay on either, and the hereditary dark circles I have under my eyes are worsened by my insomnia. Today one of my staff was actually telling me to leave work early and get a nap.

    Mary in TX

  16. That commercial annoys and creeps me the hell out. For one thing, I find it weird the kid is walking down the street in just a shirt and diaper, for another, I find it really creepy that a woman is giving the baby 'eyes'. So many better ways they could have marketted it, considering it IS something that just holds poop!


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