Monday, July 19, 2010


You have only yourself to blame.

I present.............. BRUSHIE!

My cute tea pot jammie pants do not look as geriatric in real life, I swear.

See previous post if this makes no sense. If it still makes no sense, well then I cannot help. 


  1. I would go with that brushed aluminum IS really in for kitchens and bathrooms (I'm just sayin')...

    Love the jammie pants! I am amazed at the angle you must have had to contort to to get this pic! You are obviously way younger and more flexible than I!

  2. I agree with Sherri....quite a contortionist. I would buy the "brushed" aluminumn explanation, but would a little girl really know what "brushed aluminumn" is? I think it looks rough, like the bristles of a "brush" that makes sense, kind of.....who knows why kids say things anyway. But my curiosity IS satisfied, so thank you.

  3. I dunno. My heels are cracked and I am missing toenails from running. Your feet are looking pretty good by comparison..

  4. Perfect solution?? A few days at the beach, walking barefoot in the sand--and then coconut oil (extra virgin) thoroughly rubbed in at night. You'll have NEW FEET--I PROMISE. And in the meantime, as long as those "brushie" feet get you where you need to go . . . who cares?!

  5. I'm pretty sure I'm not younger and as for flexible, well, I may have used several appendages at one time to get the affect.
    See how the dried up stuff all goes in one direction? Like it has been brushed?
    Corey, I'm about to hurl. Missing toenail? GAH!
    I have been to the beach but not every day. I should probably go on a vacation. I may try the oil trick- does that not get messy?

  6. Well, I think Teena has no idea what old feet look like. I mean, yes, they are not little-girl feet. But she clearly has never seen mine!
    You make oil be not messy by 1) being on a towel when you apply it and maybe 2) putting on a sock to hold it there. Then you have to worry about laundering the sock and towel. Me, I use special "Balm for old, cracked feet", but only when it is cold out and I am awake enough after doing everything else I have to do before going to bed. ( = about 3 nights a year.)

  7. "Bag Balm" works wonders on cracked cow udders (yeah - you read that right) so I'm thinking it'll take care of your brushie in no time. Buy your self a green tin of Bag Balm and slather it on under sweat socks and wear it to bed. It works as birth control too. The distinctive Bag Balm scent keeps more than cracked udders and Brushie away...

  8. Actually, quite by accident I discovered that running around in sand (as in the edge of the lake while kids play) is better than a professional pedicure - at least in terms of getting rid of the brushies and softening things up.

  9. Coconut oil soaks in quickly, and a cotton sock takes care of any thing and doesn't leave the sock a mess either. It's GREAT STUFF and we use it all the time . . . read the book "Coconut Cures". Even if you throw out 50% of what they say, the other 50% REALLY is true in our experience. (I don't know but what it's all true, but just leaving some room since some of it seems so incredulous. . . )

  10. Seriously? Your feet look fantastic compared to mine. Every time we come home from a beach weekend my feet begin to peel and crack and itch like crazy. I have issues with eczema and apparently the sand and sea water are not good for them. In my eyes, your feet are Boooootiful!

  11. Ha ha ha ha snort ha ha ha ha...Oh I love this blog. Who else would share brushie feet? Awesome.

  12. Coconut oil smells awesome so even if it doesn't work I will smell pretty and beachy!
    Wendy a similar thing happens to me, I tried to smoosh around in some sand in Miami and it was like things accelerated and thickened, just not good at all.
    MDTT, does that work on kids too? LOL! Sounds promising.....
    Annie, around here we have mud or rock-sand. Maybe it would work if I spent more time at the beach though.

  13. THis is what happens when I read comments late at night= I forget stuff. I meant to add to SPP that you are more than welcome to copy the idea! LOL!
    Actually, anyone is welcome to copy the idea and post their own brushie feet. We could start a movement! There is no shame in being brushie!

  14. Buy a Pedi Egg. Great invention.


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