Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Little Bits of Snick

Yeah, snick is not what I was thinking for the title of this post but I do want to be user friendly.

I am sooooooooo happy for the children of Haiti who are moving into their new lives in the United States as I click. The process well intended, continues to hit snags and bumps of paperwork and policy but the right people are making the right calls and overriding some of the b.s. Which is freakin' AWESOME!!!

Watching This Emotional Life has abruptly altered the way I see Genea and how I interpret her behavior. Its like a rattlesnake snuck up behind me and suddenly... ch ch ch ch ch... rattled my brain off of its stem. That is after only watching half of the first segment. The new research being done is not hopeful, but taking it to the next step might be.

I have been really sick. It seems selfish to whine about feeling sick, with life so precarious in other parts of the world right now. But it is my excuse for slacking. I hope to be back up and going in the next few days.

I see there are some new people who have left comments and joined in the "followers" box. I love to go back through and visit blogs and leave further comments but haven't been able to for the past few weeks. I will though! I see you! I am not being rude! Well, maybe I am, but I don't mean to and I'm gonna' fix it!

I saw my adoption worker on TV talking about Haiti. She still talks out of both sides of her mouth. She manages to say 2 distinctly opposing opinions simultaneously. It is both amazing to hear and annoying beyond the pale. I find I still just want to scream at her... "what are you saying... what does that mean...?".

Genea lost a tooth, one of her front incisors. In just a day or two, her gum split from the base of the tooth all the way up to the upper jaw bone. It was terrifying to see it. I spent half a day looking up on line trying to find out what kind of special disease might have caused it, what syndrome leads to a portion of your gum gashing down to bone. I mean, the whole lip side of her gum had split open! She compulsively pulls at her teeth so I thought maybe that was it. Turns out to be reasonably normal for a baby tooth to come out front ways. Huh. No one told me that. It was not explained in the owner's manual.

Genea was sitting having a cookie a few nights ago, when out of nowhere she got up and walked over to me and gave me a hug and a kiss and said, I hope you feel better, then went and sat back down and finished her cookie. Fabulous!

I finally gave up waiting for Teena to put her socks on one day and I laid down on the floor. She sat down and leaned her back into me and kept putting on her socks. She has got to be the slowest moving child on earth. I swear some days she even moves backwards. Anyway, she is talking and talking, yammering and yammering away as always. Finally I snapped at her, TEENA be quiet and put your socks on! She said "It's all your fault Mama, you laid down and whenever you do that, it makes me want to sit with you, and then I talk, and you distracted me". What is disturbing here is that her entire excuse works. It's a pant load of course, but it is all logical and connected with all the angles covered. Two words for this child..... Law. School.

I bought a hot water bottle as per Kate's recommendation, for my bed. It looks like an enema bag, but I double checked the box to make sure, it is a hot water bottle. I stick it in the bottom of my bed and it keeps things down there warm and lovely all night long. I have nick- named it Jermaine Jackson, which The Husband thinks is weird. But if you have been watching The Jacksons Family Dynasty, I think you will agree it makes perfect sense.


  1. Gum split????? I think I would've fainted on the spot.

    This Emotional Life...totally changing my thinking too.

  2. Well....I guess I HAVE to watch this emotional life. Except that is the sub-title for my own life this week and I can't take anything extra.

    When did Kate recommend a hot water bottle? My bottle is my best friend, and has been since I read some hooey (probably) about the "danger" of electric blankets.

    Your tooth incident reminded me of the time I noticed my beautiful little Lydia's permanent front tooth begin to turn gray...then BLACK. Oh, my gosh! She was such a pretty little child that just looking at her made my day - and to have this enormous ugly blot!!! To say nothing about....this must mean it is COMING OUT! But, no. This was like your story in that the dentist said - Hey! No! Happens all the time! It will right itself! And it did. Who was to know?

    Why are these horrific things that are actually "common" in dentistry not more well-known?

  3. What is it with adoption workers?!?!?! Grrrrrrrrrrrr

  4. I love my hot water bottle, like really love it! in fact we had to buy another so me and P would stop fighting over one. Oh the socks, don't even get me started...

  5. ouch split that much?? haha I love Teenas bag of excuses that make sense lol

  6. Awww...I'm so glad! You know how you hate to recommend something in case it's not well-received and you look like a total Nigel? Whew. Glad it's working!

    And, yeah--not pretty. No experience with enema bags, though. You need a cover for it. I've got a fleece one and a sort of faux flokati (is that right?) one.

    AND, Lexi has one that in encased in a teddy bear. Seriously. I might even send it to school as a weighted stuffed animal for her fidgety times.

  7. LOVE your cookie story. ;> Meant to say that first.

    What is "This Emotional Life"?

  8. I worked as s dental assistant for a little bit, and I have to say I have never seen that. Wow. That would have freaked me out.

    I dont need a water bottle...I have three little dogs that keep my feet warm enough...yes, thats right I SLEEP with my dogs. Not the cat though, she will steal my breath while Im sleeping and Ill be dead. Evil.

    What is "This Emotional Life?" I havent heard of it..sounds interesting.

  9. Oh and I'd be willing to bet my daughter is much slower and chatty than yours!

  10. Ok...not watching the Jackson thingie, please explain, I don't get it. =)

    Hope you are feeling 100% soon.

  11. In my opinion naked hot water bottles are the only way to go. Covering them takes away their power. In fact, my best one ever was one someone bought in Europe - it didn't have the texture on it, so it was hotter and better.

  12. Absolutely intrigued by your hot water bottle = Jermaine Jackson comment. Have not been watching the show, but have been PVRing since I was betting I'd be into the show but was really busy when it first started to I held onto high hopes of getting to it soon.

    Almost deleted the five or six episodes I have stored in the box this weekend cuz I thought I'm never gonna get a round to it and it's eating up precious PVR space. So glad now that I did not delete, will def have to check them out this weekend!

  13. Now I have something to worry about for the next several years with the teeth. Thanks. I hate teeth. Daddy Awesome is the tooth fairy around here.

    I like the flax seed body warmers as opposed to the hot water bottles, they are scushy cozy and if I can keep them from the kids, they smell nice.

  14. You made me laugh out loud with the water bottle-enema comparison! And I don't laugh often. ;-)
    The first time I saw an emema bag I thought it looked like a hot water bottle-

  15. Ok, This Emotional Life is on PBS.com it is all about how the brain processes emotion and logic, what can go wrong and why. I only watched the first of 3 episodes that are 2 hours each but it was fascinating, not in a good way either. But made a lot of sense and explains a lot about Genea's brain. You can watch it on their site, but it's going away soon....

    Ok, I may have stepped in it a little by calling my hot water bottle Jermaine Jackson. See, on the Jackson reality show it turns out that the Jacksons are some of the most boring old men on earth. Love them, but, they are dull. Then, a musical note flickers in the background and its like they are brought to life.
    Jermaine seems to be cold and wears a triple layer scarf wrapped entirely around his neck at all times.
    That's where the comparison comes from. If I had their shows on DVR I would skim.... quickly skim.... and delete.
    Lovely men! Really, they seem sweet and genuine. Just not right for crappy tv shows.
    And, my cats used to sleep on my feet for me but I must have kicked them off in my sleep once too often. They are old men too.

  16. Thanks for the explanation! lol.

    I don't have a hot water bottle, but I have a rice sock. My nephew made it for me and gave it to me for my birthday a few years ago, and my husband snickers, but I SWEAR it's one of my favorite gifts ever. (It's just a sock filled with rice and a few sprinkles of essential oil.) You heat it in the microwave for 2 minutes and, viola!, cushy warmth.

  17. Those "snakes" are nice, aren't they? Mine was filled with bulgar wheat though (as we found out when it started leaking). The smell is not so nice - particularly when you leave it in the microwave too long and it begins to burn.


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