Thursday, January 21, 2010

Adopting from Haiti

With the devastating news of tragedy after tragedy occurring in Haiti, many people are wondering what will happen to the children already orphaned there, numbering almost 400,000 as well as what will happen to all the children newly orphaned.

I noticed that I have been getting some visitors doing keyword searches on Haitian orphans, evacuation and adoption. I did a post recently pertaining specifically to children in Haiti who were officially adopted by Americans but who had yet to "come home" for one reason or another, usually paperwork based. I cannot imagine the horror of knowing your child, waiting impatiently as month after month turns into a year and then another and another. Your defenseless baby relying on unknown caretakers. The country's government a mess on a good day, now literally and physically a shambles. An uncontrollable tragedy occurs like an earthquake and suddenly your child is not just helpless anymore but stuck possibly forever in a situation that is hopeless. Just writing about it makes me shudder. Living it? I don't know a word strong enough.

I do not have any good information about Haiti, its government or its children. So I apologize if you stumbled in here hoping for a resource. However, I happen to know of 2 exceptional resources available. Here they are:

Creating a Family
The above will take you directly to Dawn Davenports blog where she is posting the most up to the minute information about the plight and progress of children in Haiti. Just about anything you want to know about the process is available on her site. And, to top it all off she does a podcast/radio show about adoption and just put up a program discussing all the current issues surrounding post- earthquake Haitian orphans.

Watching the Waters
This is a "mom" blog by a woman who adopted 5 children from Haiti prior to the earthquake. If you think you are interested in adopting, you will find a genuine report on the day to day parenting of previously neglected, abused and abandoned traumatized children. I highly recommend reading Corey's blog if your interest is strong enough to lead to action. She tells it like it is. There are rainbows and butterflies, and the depths of living a nightmare trying to heal what well may be unrecoverable.


  1. Thanks for the links, that should be helpful. Im even going to check them out.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more. Perspective adoptive parents really need to be prepared if they are bringing home a child with a traumatic past. I would have brought my boys home no matter what anyone had told me. But, I wish I had known more.

    Raising other people's hurting kids is not easy. It is not glamorous. Some days it is unbelievable. The kids deserve it and they are worth it, but make no mistake--it's a lot more than you think you are getting into.

    Just my .02

  3. you are right and I can't help but mention to folks that there are kids here(there) who really need to be adopted as well, so maybe all the new adoption interest can help spark some new domestic adoptions as well. I am not sure about there but Cananda is firm in saying that it will only expidite adoptions already in progress and bringing of family members - no new adoptions.

  4. I need to clarify- Corey has adopted 5 children from Haiti and I changed that in the post from 4 which is the mistake I originally made.
    Also I should mention that they have an older daughter not from Haiti as well, for a total of 6 children.
    Sheesh! I'm up to my ears over here with just 2!

    It is understandable that children won't be processed through adoptions from Haiti anytime soon and that the government there will have other priorities. But, I think it is DAMN SHAME.

  5. I agree, thanks for the links. I'm new to your blog. Are you adopting?

  6. Corrie my oldest daughter is adopted, the other is not. Not currently looking to change that either lol!


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