Sunday, January 3, 2010


Nine and a half hours to go.

And counting.

Tick tick tick.

School opens up at 7:55 tomorrow morning and my child will be there with time to spare.

Oooooh, folks, this child of mine does NOT. LIKE. CHANGE!
Even a happy and fun change like Christmas, is still a change and I may have said this before, we no like-a change.
We also no like-a things that take a while to happen. We no like-a waiting either. So even going back to school, knowing that her beloved schedule will resume tomorrow, that almost makes it worse for her. "Her" is Genea fyi. I made her world smaller and smaller today, until she had a tiny corner of the couch to sit on without talking. I was really hoping she would not pee on it, as she has in the past. Thankfully she held dry, and she did manage to maintain her little corner.

"Thhhhhhhhhhe sun'll come up..... tomorrow..... so you gotta hang on til... tomoooooooooorrow .... something something....."

Misquoted lines, inaccurate spelling and all over poor grammar are all my own sad little effort to make myself giggle in the middle of the night, and not a reflection on the brilliant production of "Annie" and whoever wrote that song, if they should come to sue me in the morning. Which would be okay, since that will be tomorrow.



  1. moms all over America are singing that song today :D

  2. I have a whole month before my kids go back to school. Still summer vacation here! Good luck tomorrow!

  3. We don't go back until Tuesday cause FL like to be different like that I guess? We know like a the change in loo loo land either BUT Mr.'s new med is a helpin us out! Thank goodness! blah blah ... your only a day awayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  4. Ah, yes, back to school. Hope she has a great day!!

  5. ahhh the sweet sound of silence. For some reason blogger will not email your comments to me and so I can't respond to them, there was something I wanted to say to you but now it is gone.... oh well.

  6. Praise to God we are back to school today too! Sadly this is the first year that I've anxiously awaited school's return.. Alas, Southern Darlin' has alot in common w/ Genea.. She does not like-a-change either.. Our winter break was filled with not only Christmas but her birthday as well. Neither of which were apparently significant enough to bother to talk about w/the therapist.. lol.

  7. We had a snow day today! Of all days. Can you believe it?!!! And, it's my day off work. (Wah!!! Cause otherwise I wouldn't care about the snow day. lol.)

  8. How 'bout Les Miz, "One day more!"

    I am *not* looking forward to the return to school AT ALL. But we have one WEEK more.

  9. It's tomorrow now so fingers crossed that they were yes indeedy better.

  10. Genea got off just fine and seems to be leveling out a bit, thankfully. Teena stays home until 11:45, so that was still torturous but survivable with the help of my friends at PBS.

  11. You are just too funny!! Thanks for the smiles today! I was very excited to send mine off to school today as well!

  12. I love that - "beloved schedule" - yes, Anastasia too.


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