Monday, July 25, 2011

This isn't as much fun as I thought it would be

Leave it to that stupid ass crust Skankenho to suck all my fun out of her moving day.

A few weeks ago the horrible skank who lives across the street and her New Fiancee Ickman (click there for part of the history if you have not read it before) were formally evicted in court and they had a certain time frame to get out.  The past few days I have seen much coming and going, boxes packed up and that large storage container dropped off.

Back in the days when that Fucktardmoron (previous New Fiancee) was living there I had dreams. Dreams of hauling a lawn chair to the edge of my yard and drinking a few beers while watching him move out. He managed to move out in the night without my noticing, thereby ruining my dream of waving middle fingers, shouting obscenities and taunting that jackass while he crawled off.

So this week their time was up. I think they got confused about the day they would be required to leave. Skankenho's two daughters have been at my house daily since Tuesday saying it was their last day in the house. We let them play together late into the evening to say goodbye.  On Wednesday one of them was here at 6:11 AM looking to play with my girls. I have to imagine that none of the FOUR adults in that house knew she was up and out. Anyway. Thursday they came over again to officially say goodbye and I believe that is when if finally hit Genea that her friend was moving away. It was not pretty, oh geez it was not pretty. My poor little girl who has been so battered by rejection and abandonment could barely come to the door and had to be pushed to hug them through her sobs. Then Friday they were still around, the girls came over to ask if one of my girls wanted some raggedy old bleached out sweatshirt. Of course they did! And they are fighting over who gets to wear it! Ick!

Friday, still there. Saturday, still there. Sunday, still there. However, finally on Sunday now I have somewhat of a confirmation that they will leave.

Ickman (New Fiancee Du Jour)was out on the lawn with his dogs throwing stuff into the storage lockers.

(Incidentally, why does a grown adult man have 2 medium sized super fluffy white dogs? I can only imagine ugliness as to his reasons)

Anyway, a woman was walking her dog past their house and his dogs started barking. Of course they were not restrained at all. Ickman loudly apologized to the woman several times, which she ignored. Shockingly, he became as belligerent as a 12 year old boy, yelling "Okay, fine, you don't have to talk to me! I'm just saying I'm sorry about that! Don't worry today's our last day!". Skankenho comes out to see what the fuss is about and he repeats himself. Loudly. Then, he did it. He yelled THE C WORD down the street at the woman who was only walking her dog.


Just because she did not wish to stop and chit chat with his flabby butt. Dang. But, that was the confirmation I have been waiting for. Sunday, their last day.

Seriously though, I really thought I would enjoy this and I have not. I mean, I did giggle at a few things like skulking about in the bushes trying to take the above photo, but overall this moving has sucked for me. Genea is a mess. I knew she would be sad but I thought she would be okay with seeing her friends at school. I should have realized nothing is that simple for her and those abandonment issues would fire right back up. Although, she is coming to me to talk about it, so that part is great. Teena on the other hand, a child who has never had an unmet need, is ambivalent. She cares, but is not choked up.

Then, Skankenho has had her daughters at the house while the police are there with the landlord to photograph the damages. The kids had no idea when they would lose their home. They have no place else to go so for now are moving into a hotel. That just plain sucks. It's not their fault their mother is a lunatic freak.

It'll be nice though, to be able to shake off that shitty reminder of such a rough part of our lives and get it out of here. 

So that's it. They are gone. Oh wait--- seems I CAN muster up some happiness! Yipee!

Huh, there's more.



  1. Oh, dear.....those poor children. Hers, and yours, especially Genea. I know how these things go (oh, do I!)

    Good luck having an accident with that sweatshirt really quick.

  2. It always sucks when you're all set to enjoy someone's misery and remember you're a bigger person then they. Stupid big girl panties. I can't even pry them off when I want to.

    That's so great that Geena is talking to you about this. And so gross about the sweatshirt.

    I drove past your house Saturday. I waved.

  3. Ok, well, not your ACTUAL house. Because that would be stalking. More the interstate.

  4. The police were there? Yikes. I guess the landlord asked them to keep an eye on things. Hubby and I own rental property and we've never had to call the cops on our tenants. I guess your neighbors were a special kind of lunatic whack-jobs.
    BTW, shouting and cursing at someone constitutes either verbal abuse or a terroristic threat depending on whether there was a threat to do physical harm. The cops probably would have been glad to have given him a summons to appear in court.

  5. Okay, so I already wanted these people to be out of your life, but after this post? Yikes. No words. (except, yeah, those poor kids).

  6. Poor kids, Hooray for closure and YIPPEEE!

  7. Poor kids, not only do they have the WORST Mother ever, but they have revolving door daddies and no home. If the house they were evicted from was one they got rent-reduced and they screwed that up then they will not qualify for another. i don't think Genea will be seeing them at school for very long. They will have to either move to a shelter or in with someone else. So sad.

    But.....Skankenho is gone! Now where is my guitar? I need to add some more verses to my Skankenho song.

  8. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out. What a nightmare that was, hope miss g is okaythis week

  9. Yayyyy! No mo' Skankenho!!! Very happy for you. Now I'm going to go back to praying for peace and happiness for our Genea, and for a decent life (and peace and happiness) for Skankenho's poor girls. Dang moral principles are keeping us from enjoying this as much as we want to!


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