Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So. It goes and it goes.

I did not get to the Oprah show. My life's purpose is now unclear. Also, what I should do about my hair is unclear since I never got that fabulous makeover and now it is really super long. I love long hair, however it is a lot to take care of and in the summer, ugh. Too hot. What do I do now every day at 4:00 with Ope gone?

Just in case, I am going to start growing my chin hair long so if Rosie O'Donnell starts a show in Ope's Chicago studio I will be ready.

We went to a local festival on Saturday. Surrounded by those who are unfettered by concerns of dental hygiene. We fit right in because after we got there and parked and walked I noticed Genea had pee'd herself. Great! The Husband wanted to take her home but I don't like her crazy to take over and ruin things for everyone, so I wrapped her jacket around her butt and we went on. Nice natural consequence was that she couldn't go on anything that involved sitting. There was fry bread. I would give my husbands electronic collection for a lump of fry bread any day. I think it is unfair though, that something that tastes so very glorious can make a person feel so terribly sick later.

There were a lot of teenagers at this festival. The kind that make me go unnghGUH. Listen, I know I was cool when I was a teenager so it was different, but sucking the spit out of some icky boys mouth in public is just gross.  It was sad to see all the teenage girls walking around in Uggs. So sorry, that trend was waaaaay over five years ago, for good reason.  Not that I am Michael Kors or anything but I do like to pay attention to the decade a trend occurs in.

My girls are going to the convent when they turn 10 years old. One of those remote and in the mountains convents with concrete walls.

Am I the only person who gets scared on the Ferris Wheel? This one had to have just scratched through the inspection with duct tape and glue to hold the rust together. It screeched and shuddered every time around and Teena thought it was just hilarious that I was freaking out. Thanks kid. Hope you don't have any nightmares planned. (not really).

Kids are out of school in a week and a half or so. Last year I deliberately ignored the whole end of school thing and wound up caught a little off guard on the last day. Denial- sometimes it works!


  1. I thought about you when I saw that Oprah was doing her last show! If you ever come to the UK there is always the Trisha show you can go on instead, which is not as good and the people on it are waaaay more dysfunctional, but, you know, better than Madame Tussauds!

  2. I am completely scared of ferris wheels. When my partner took me on one of our first dates to an amusement park he thought it would be nice and romatic to take me on the ferris wheel, he said he has never seen me so tense and trapped looking. Roller coasters however, I love.

  3. Icky teenagers! What i want to know is, "Where in the heck are their parents!"

    Ferris wheels terrify me! I can do roller coasters all day long, but not a ferris wheel.

    Great job on the natural consequence!

  4. I like roller coasters, as long as they are fairly close to the ground, lol.

    There is one in Las Vegas, by NYNY I think, that I almost fainted on. Yikes.

    I will be considering all talk show hosts to stalk now, but I really am leaning towards Rosie O.


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