Monday, May 9, 2011

Pop Quiz

A Monday morning pop quiz. How rude is that? Sheesh. Here is your task, should you choose to participate. Identify the song Teena is singing here:

"Cut-ah cut-ah cut-ah cut- ah cut-ah cu- Million"

Cracks me up, I got Teena and Genea these cheap CD players with headphones recently and they have been glued to their little heads since. Our library loans out CD's for like, a month, so they have their pick of hundreds for free.  Of course they sing out loud, which is so cute. Even more cute, Genea will sing out loud with her headphones on and I can hear the tinny sounds of whatever song is playing but Genea, she is singing something else. Listening to one song and singing another. Ah, if I only knew how that child's brain worked!


  1. Boy George - Karma Chameleon

  2. Holy cow. I would have never guessed it. I am so glad De said it because it would have made me nuts all day.

    Boy George. Good Lord. That takes me back. Takes me back where I do not want to go. Thanks for the pop quiz and the flash back. On a Monday.


  3. Boy George brings back memories for me. Ahh, I'm showing my age.

    Great find for you and the girls.

  4. I'm oblivious. If it isn't by the St. Louis Jesuits or John Michael Talbot, I'm no help.

    I can never understand the works of pop songs, let alone rock. My kids will quickly turn something off - that's my only indication that the lyrics are vulgar. I'm trying to keep that a secret (from them).

  5. I was all set to be smug about guessing - but someone already has. TOO SLOW, Claudia, TOO SLOW!

  6. That is so cute!!! My daughter listens to lots of 80's music, too. Hubby is a big fan and burns her copies of Debbie Gibson, DEVO, etc.

  7. Yep. Knew it. Just didn't READ it until today!

    In my class we sing, "Comma, comma, comma, comma, comma's go in a list. They slow you down. They make you pau-au-au-ause." Same tune. ;>

  8. ok ok..I am that person... I can think of a song for everything said in a conversation. My brother can quote a movie line for evrything. We have major issues!!

  9. I got it too- I was just gone all day. Rats.

    I can't remember the song, but the Cuddle Bear turned one into a song about vacuuming the basement.

  10. I knew it too ... used to think it was come-a-come-a-come (etc) Chameleon. Memories!
    Maria (Canada)

  11. I loved that song, never would of guessed though, De is a rockstar.


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