Monday, May 2, 2011

Cute for a Reason

Have you ever heard this phrase....... "God makes 'em cute for a reason"? Meaning if babies were not so cute no one would ever have any. Babies are a lot of work. Doesn't seem like something so little could be, but for sure having one in your house will hold you hostage. Your freedom, your free will, your ability to sleep and pursue happiness as guaranteed in the Constitution of these United States, all gone as The Hairless Howler takes over. You think as they get older you will get some of your life back. You do not. (sorry if that is a surprise to someone, but I try to be honest).

But darn they are cute sometimes. It's my opinion that cuteness ensures survival of our species. I have a nice little story about my girls. I don't usually do cute stories, quite frankly because our ratio of cute- to- wtf  is so skewed. Plus, I get bored reading about other people's cute kid stories. The kind usually told by Supermom, you know, Honeysweetiedarling just poo'd!!! In her diaper!!! we're so proud we are bursting at the seams with joy!!! We had to share the results of our fabulous parenting with the world!!! We are great and our kid is perfect!!!

Ugh. Anyway.

Here, look at how cute they are.

I admit to being obsessed with these hair bows. They are just so cute, and unique. They are from PrettySkyeinBows and arrived last week. I KNOW, I am bordering on SAHM Stereotype here. Alarmingly close to things Supermom would do. I can't help it. My free will is gone. I'm even stalking the scrapbooking aisles at our craft stores. Two soccer players short of The Total Suburban Supermom Package. Yikes.

A few weeks ago when it was nice and sunny out for about 5 minutes, the girls made up this thing about rocks and wishes. You paint your rock and then you leave it with your wishes somewhere outside.

This is Genea's rock.

This is Genea's wish, tucked into the pine needles of the tree.

It says, are you ready for this, it says "I wish I were a mermaid".

Here is Teena's rock.

 (I put a solar light with the stem broken off over the chimney part of our chiminea thinking it would produce a cool looking glow from the inside. It did not.)

 Here are Teena's wishes, and I think Genea stuck some of hers in there as well.

Whole bunches of them! Teena's main wish says "I wish I could have some ice cream" and there is another that says she wishes she could play with her friend all the time.

I should clarify that I asked Genea how she was going to feel being a mermaid all by herself in the ocean. I didn't realize that our entire family was going to be mermaids too. Probably that should have been obvious.


  1. I miss the whole pretty bow stage. It was gone too quick although at the time when my girl was little and could rage for 3 -5 hours at a time I did not always see the cutsy-ness of her or her dang little bows.

    Love the painted rocks. They will make a nice rock garden.


  2. This is so hilarious. So true, so true about the boringness of kid stories. I know this, and yet I tell them. Like, today: my kid just had a bath. Seriously. For realz. Medal, please?

    (by the way - the bit that cracked me u pmost was your skewed ratio. Bet they aren't teaching THAT in the lesson on ratios in math classes).

  3. Wow, Genea's eyes look totally flat

  4. It's okay to share cute stories if they are hilarious. I love this one.

  5. i feel conflicted about this too. my kids have 10000s of horrible stories all the time but i think if i write all that ppl will think what a bad mom i am. I want to just tell it like it is but i don't want to sound like i don't love them...i do...but they literarlly drive me INSANE. So i don't tell all my horrible stories--just now and then.

    regardless. your rock and wishes story is so sweet and the bows are adorable. My girls hate bows but i force them on them now and then.

  6. Very cute, indeed! :) Hair bows, too!

  7. I love the idea of the rocks and wishes. But now I have a picture of you all as mermaids stuck in my head.

  8. cute story and pixs and thanks for sharing!

  9. You do a good cute kid story. ;>

  10. They are so cute!! Wish my girls would wear hair bows, instead they like to fight me tooth and nail just to brush their hair!

    I'm going to have to get my kids some rocks to paint, great idea!

  11. HMM! I missed you, haven't been here for awhile, but boy is it nice to be back! I loved the hair bow stage too, it is just real different with boys... so hard to find one that will match their uniforms ya know?

  12. and by uniforms you know I meant prison right?

  13. I started using the hair bows as a reward.... they have to "let" me brush their hair without a screaming fit to get one. Works. But boy I never imagined I would have kids who love hair bows so much.... and also that I would be the one picking them out and buying them!

    *snort* prison uniforms, lol!

    Um, btw, please no one be thinking of me in my mermaid suit, that just seems too invasive. LMAO!


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