Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What is this picture?

Take a look at this and guess what it is.............

It's a picture of a whole lot of nothing. The world has disappeared. Usually there are trees and a river and a bunch of buildings. Today, there is nothing.

Nothing but snow!

Now, this is not one of those fancy moving pictures with sounds so you have to take my word for it. Thunder- snow is creepy. It sounds like regular thunder only it's along with snow. Weird.
I am NOT EVEN KIDDING, as Genea would say. If there is a fucking snow day tomorrow I am done. DONE.
I will be kicking names and taking down asses.

I cannot be responsible for whatever might happen if tomorrow is a snow day. IN APRIL. There should be a law. Who the hell is in charge of this shit anyway? The gov' a-ment? I bet it's the republicans. That's my guess.


  1. It is almost May! I am in Michigan and there will be a snow day tomorrow. A house full of grandkids plus my own ;p

  2. ROFL!!! and really.... it is not even funny. I have taken the liners in and out of the kids coats so many times it is re-dunk-u-las!

  3. omg, it sounds like someone is shooting at my house. The snow is ripping off the tree's and smashing into the roof, it's unbelievable.

    However, I think the schools will be fine for tomorrow.

  4. Down here in Milwaukee it's hailing and thundering and lighting and just generally pissin on my day:0). Keep the faith ... The daffodils are still standing!

  5. Holy crap Essie! I thought we were having a major weather event when we woke up to an inch of snow today in Northern New England... but thunder snow truly takes the cake! I'm adding "Kickin names and taking down asses" to my list of new cusses I've learned from you...

  6. We had snow on Monday too. Crazy.

  7. Yes, favourite new cuss phrase, thank you. Feel your pain on the snow front, but take heart, it felt like spring today, so maybe it will start to drift your way...

  8. Are you serious? You had snow today? I was driving through some mean rain today and yesterday we had thunderstorms. The universe is mighty unhappy lately.

  9. hell to the no, we have almost 9 inches now. It is some of the wettest, nastiest snow I have ever met. It is in globs.

    So far though, school is still on. Now I fear electrical wires going down or a roof collapsing. However, on Little House on the Prairie they still would have gone for their educating.

  10. You gotta move to Atlanta! I had to put on the air conditioning in the car today!


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