Thursday, April 21, 2011

But, you know what?

I don't like winter. I am guessing that is not a secret from anyone. The snow is fun for the kids but I hate the cold. I mean, I really hate it. I get cold fairly easily so as soon as the weather starts to go below 60 degree's I start to dread the rest. Plus winters here seem to go on for about 8 months, which doesn't seem fair.

However, there are a few other things I want to say. I could move. I have the resources and the physical ability. I live in a country where I have the freedom to pick up and go wherever I want to go. There are roads that will take me there, and there are people whose job it is to make sure those roads are well maintained and cleared. I have a car. Even when the weather is vile I can get in my car and go to a restaurant to visit with my friends. I can buy a cup of coffee.

Despite the cold and snow and crummy weather outside, I have a home. Where the heat works whenever I need it. If I want it warmer I can putz right up to the control and make it warmer. I can plug in a space heater if I want to because I have full access to electricity all day and all night. In fact, there is a law that even if I don't pay the bill for 4 months, the gas and electric company cannot turn off my services in the winter months.

When I am hungry I just open the fridge or a cabinet and find something to eat. If there is nothing I like I can go to a store where just about anything I could want is offered for sale. I shop in comfortable warmth. I don't have to buy things I don't like because there is nothing else and we would go hungry otherwise. I don't have to get my hands dirty. If I want chicken for dinner, it has been killed, cleaned and cut up for me. It has been packaged in a pretty way, protected under plastic wrap, and kept cold. I can serve it with reasonable certainty that no one will get sick or die from it (barring of course any incident resulting from my own failure).

If someone does get sick in my family, we go to the doctor. We have hundreds of doctors to choose from and we don't have to drive more than 10 miles to get there. If we need medicine to get better, we get it. The pharmacy does not run out. If we need medicine just to feel better we get that too. No one needs to go around with a stuffy, dripping nose and a headache.

My kids have shoes that fit. They are cute. When it is cold, they have levels of gear to put on up to and including water resistant snow pants and boots. Warm hats, pretty scarves. Does that even matter? They walk from our home to the driveway, get in a warm protected car or bus, and then walk directly into the schools they attend for free. The cold weather gear they wear ensures that they will be able to play comfortably while outside. That's it. That's all they need it for.

That's all I wanted to say today. I live where it is cold and I don't like the cold, but I have choices. So many choices.


  1. love it!! clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap!!!!

  2. Very good post. And isn't that the truth?

  3. So true. And yet some days I do NOT want to remember it :)

  4. We are truly blessed, here in the good ol' US of A. Very good post--reminds me to show my gratitude for all that I (we) have on a morning where I have been cranky about stupid things. Gonna go hug my healthy noisy children now.

  5. Essie - you make my heart smile (which warms me up here in chilly New England). Thanks for reminding me of my many blessings - including wool socks, flannel and fleece.

  6. You forgot to mention the whine. Er.....I mean....the wine. Helps me get through the winter. ;-)

    Good post Essie.

  7. Good post. And it just makes me think more about all these kids I met in the orphanages in Ukraine who do not have even the basic necessities that we do. And yet many of them are happy, and hopeful! And so many Americans are not grateful at all for what they have...and I'll stop now before I write my own post here. =)

  8. Love this post! It is so easy to find things to complain about and it shouldn't be - we are surrounded by a wealth of choice and abundance. Thanks for reminding me how blessed I am.

  9. My life is sweet - thanks for the reminder!

  10. Great post. Thanks for the reminder of the many things we all take for granted!


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