Saturday, December 18, 2010

And the winner is........

Genea and Teena were kind enough to help pick the name of the person to win the book "Mamalita- An Adoption Memoir" by Jessica O'Dwyer. So here it goes.......

In a brief moment of cooperation, Genea holds the "peacock" color Fiesta vegetable bowl while Teena picks a paper slip....... (ps, I cut Teena's bangs right after this, lol)................

Teena has selected a name.......... (Genea's expression is due to her wanting to have a turn and pick another name)..... (I explained the uber importance of the bowl holder, that is kind of heavy, that her sister would probably drop).....

And the winner is..................


So I will email you, Ms Annehueser, to get your address and send the book off to you on Monday!

I just have one other thing to mention as a sort of public service message to anyone still reading after seeing the winner was not yourself. Okay, it's not along the lines of "reading is cool, stay in school!", or "how do you treat a disabled person----    like a person!" but it has value. In my opinion. 

I spent this afternoon cleaning out 2 cabinets in the bathroom. Having 2 daughters, I am finding myself swimming in bad habits and an excess of stuff. In my other life, that bathroom was mine, all mine. I did not even let  The Husband keep a toothbrush in there. Now we all share it. We have another bathroom downstairs but the potty broke a few years back and it has never been fixed (*sigh*). So all of us use one bathroom. I guess it is amazing that I held out this long refusing to give up cabinets but the truth is, as I discovered,  the contents of these particular 2 cabinets was mostly garbage. 10 year old free samples, old toothbrushes, etc.  Lots of bottles of shampoo, hairspray, nice soap and stuff with a half inch of product left that one day I was going to scrape out and use..... collect into one bottle..... never happened, never will.

Okay, so I cleared them out and decided to clean while I was in there. Ick. I decided to wipe down the outsides as well. Lots of scrubbing there what with all the built up hair spray, dust, dirt and other junk that defines filth.

My mistake.

Here is the public service message: Dirt is magic. It hides scrapes in the wood finish. It masks chips. It holds things together, things that when scrubbed too much, fall off.

Also, if you clean the visible exterior of 2 cabinets they will suddenly glow. Your other cabinets will not.

Learn from me, learn!


  1. It's cute how your kids kind of look alike, even though they're not biologically related...

    That's my Intelligent Thought Of The Day ;)

  2. well, tres sad that it is not me, of course... but I will learn from your mistake!!! And never clean, ever.

  3. Thank you Essie for sharing your domestic wisdom and saving countless Moms from the dangerous and irrevocable act of cleaning house. Phew!

  4. Thank you! I'm excited and will look for your email. But if you don't mail it on Monday I will understand. It took me 3 times of driving by the post office on Friday to find a parking place to go in.

  5. Yes they do look alike! Thank your for the "dirt is magic" advice. I have decided to sew today instead of clean. It will be much more rewarding.

  6. We also had a great "second bathroom" i.e. a suprisingly finished full bath in an otherwise unfinished basement. All parts worked! But now the basement is flooded and they'd have to wade to get there.

    Fixing it will take all our Christmas money. But, I suppose it will provide us with plenty of family fun, going through all the sodden stuff down there. Happy Holidays!

  7. Anne, I actually did get the book sent out yesterday! Well, my husband did it, but it went in the mail. I would guess you will have it by the end of the week.

    Annie, that is horrible. Use a lot of fans. Borrow from neighbors if you have to, or stuff will mildew really fast.

    Be careful of any dirt! Leave it be and go take a nap instead, lol.


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