Thursday, November 18, 2010

Genea gets lost

Genea has the most gorgeous, thick curly brown hair you ever did see. I call it her "rock star" hair because it tends to go wild at a moments notice regardless of any stabilizers used that day. It has the kind of loopy curls that I have coveted all my life, the sproingy kind that you can gently tug and will ping right back up into curl again. I love-love-love to play in there. And Genea, she does not like it so much but, she says, she lets me do it because I love it!

Genea last fall doing homework, hair is at it's most wild

Hair is slightly more contained on this day, loopy curls are evident

I've also been known to joke that things have gotten lost in there. It really is dense hair. At times I have found birds, pencils, homework, dvd's or even last nights dinner. I have gone as far as to claim that her bad mood has become stuck in her hair and that is what is making her cranky. You know, instead of the Bipolar Disorder. I rub around on her head with a little drama, flinging curls left and right and muttering to myself hmmmm, what's this... noooo that's a quarter.... maybe--- noooo, that's the cats toy..... AHA! Here it is! Yikes, it's a big one! Then I walk with her to the door, careful to hold on to the bad mood without pulling her hair out. I add a bit more drama with one hand opening the door and one hand trying desperately not to let loose with the bad mood in the house. We open the door and swoosh, I foof her hair up and throw the bad mood out the door and superfastshutthedoor again so it doesn't sneak back in. Which has been known to happen.

Last night I went to check on her and she had pulled her flower quilt up over her head. I could see the tips of some of her curls sticking out over the green edging of the quilt and I began to slowly move her hair from her face so I could kiss her goodnight. Only her face never showed up. I kept moving pile after pile of curls from the side I thought her face should have been on and...... nothing! Of course I tried moving the curls the other direction to see if her face was over there, and even tried pushing them away from the middle. Still! No face! By now I am giggling because you know, I always thought this might happen. I've been worried for years. I did eventually find some face back on the side I started from and the face had some eyes that were opening what with all the curl flopping and giggling on my part and I told Genea, "I thought I lost you! I couldn't find you under your hair!" which she in turn thought was pretty funny and she began giggling too. We smiled and giggled another minute and I was able to give her that kiss goodnight. It was the best moment of our day.


  1. Awww very sweet..I love the idea of flinging the bad mood out of the door. I need to try that on myself!! She does have gorgeous hair, btw!

  2. Sweet. She has beautiful hair.

  3. She is a cutie. I find ugly attitudes in my daughters ears sometimes....pesky critters!

  4. It's those simple, sweet moments that mean the most. God Bless Genea and her hair!

  5. Love the curls, and the image of the bad mood hiding in there.

  6. Fabulous curls - and I come from New Jersey. Where Big Hair was practically invented! Love the idea of throwing the bad mood out the door...too clever.

  7. I love it all--precious child, tentative smile, rock star curls, the sneaky snarky mood being banished and she shared giggle. What a warm, lovely post.

    (Surely there's no one at CP$ that would twist this.)


  8. I LOVE curly hair. I really do. i think ppl with it are the most beautiful ppl.

    When my eldest dd was about 3 she had really really long hair. Not curly, but thick. My dh always callled her "cousin It" from adams family since all you ever saw was this hair everywhere.


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