Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just about 2 years ago.....

Two years ago there were less than 10 people who read my blog. Were you one of them? Don't lie! I posted this and no one seemed to read it and no one for sure commented. But it was always one of my favorite posts so I am showing a rerun.

Here is a conversation between Teena and I.

Teena- I want Uh Bidder-ba Dahs
Me- Huh?
Teena- I want Uh Bidder-ba-Dahs
Me- (what the heck could she be saying?)one more time honey
Me- uh bidder ba dahs?
Teena very happy - YESZ!!!!Yesh, Momma you just said it!!
Me- ooHHHH, The Wizard of Oz!

I do not have any even vague clue how this internet thing works. It was amazing enough when there were just those old apple machines that could draw and spell. But now, sheesh! The idea that pushing the right combination of keys can bring an image into my home, man that is wild. Chat rooms, typing to actual people and they can answer you, then wireless. Now you don't even need a plug hole for all this? Crazy! All this is  flying around in the wind waiting to land somewhere?

So I think of internet people as People of the Air. Not non-people, but not real people either. Not People of the Floor, which is anyone that can reach out and pinch me (if they want a Beat Down that is- does that sound cool and tough?). This picture coming up is something I will only share with People of the Air. If you know me IRL you will have to pretend you didn't see it.

The worst part is that this is from the past week. Not say, a months worth. And ummmm...... those are just mine. If I were to trip over a Polly Pocket or a stray hair clip and fall and bleed, what would come out would be weird little chunks of beige paste. Which is the stuff they coat with a homeless man's used brown paper bag and call McNuggets. What on earth is a presumably only half crazy adult doing with all those happy meals?
Uh, I may be a bit obsessed.

They released these Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz Dolls last year and I gorged myself on chicken nuggets to get them all. And yes, I know I could just buy them but, well, that would be cheating. Don't ask the logic, just work with me here.
They have been re-released now all just slightly different, and with 4 more! And I MUST HAVE THEM ALL.

Anyway, these are just my dolls. The girls have been pestering me for over a year to play with my dolls. I have them where they cannot get to them without committing a series of crimes that they are too noisy to get away with. Now that they have been reissued, all 3 of us have had to eat enough happy meals to acquire 3 sets of 12 dolls. I am highly math impaired but I think that comes to roughly 9000 nugget-pastes wrapped in paper.

Note: of course these are not currently featured in the happy meals, this post is from October of 2008.


  1. But they are! They are! We have been getting Madame Alexander dolls for a month at our local Mickey D's. And FYI I had a #11 last night and have the worse reflux and heartburn all night and this morning. Never, I say, never again...I should have known better after watching Supersize Me.

  2. I wasn't reading your blog then - thanks for reposting! HAAAA!

  3. I wasn't reading anybody 2 years ago! Thanks for reposting.

  4. Ummm...They are the toy de jour in a nearby New England State I was driving through last weekend...You realize this could start a whole new obsession, I mean, Vocation: Cross Country Toy Collector... Following Happy Meal toys across the interstates sort of like a Grateful Dead fan?

  5. Ummm...They are the toy de jour in a nearby New England State I was driving through last weekend...You realize this could start a whole new obsession, I mean, Vocation: Cross Country Toy Collector... Following Happy Meal toys across the interstates sort of like a Grateful Dead fan?

  6. hysterical. we still have the dorothy of that collection.

  7. 2 years ago I was up to my elbows in poop everyday and wondering if it was ever going to get better... thanks for sharing it again, it is pretty cute and i here you on needing the dolls, I get like that about some things too.

  8. Oh, you have to start up the collection again! I think they are back! But, how many Happy Meals can an adult really eat without puking?

    I went through the drive-through last week, kids were in school and I was starving. Ordered a Mighty Kids Meal and the lady asked if I wanted a Girl Toy or a Boy Toy....I about died, and of course ordered the Boy Toy! Wasn't what I expected, though...

  9. Nope...I've only been a 'fan' for a year (maybe a bit less...maybe a bit more...) I'm a Mom of a RADlet, so when every day lasts an eternity comprised of wango-tangos and crazy arguing, it's hard to tell how much REAL time has passed. But I'm here a couple of times a week...

    We, too, eat at McD's w-a-y too often

  10. I was not reading then, because I def would have commented. I would have rejoiced actually - finally another adult to share (sort of) my secret shame.

    Many, many moons ago a I was afflicted with a Beanie Baby addiction that knew no boundaries. And those devils at McDonald's released Teenie Beanie Babies! And I was like a cat in heat - crazed to my hands on them... not just for me, but for my daughter and little sister as well. Three complete sets... of all eight pieces... the first year... Twelve pieces the second year... and 16 pieces plus four specialty pieces (yes 20 in total!) the third year.

    I. was. SO. sick. of. McDonald's. As were the kids.

    Thankfully I kicked he Beanie habit shortly after (regular sized and teenies) so I don't even know if they released a fourth year of teenies.

    Still don't think I could be brave enough put a picture of my shame out there for the Air People (or anyone) to see. But SO glad you did! ;D

    PS: Anyone interested in buying about 600 various beanie babies?

  11. 10 readers. Look at you now! 162! I'm so proud of you (sniff,sniff)
    What are the McD's offering up there anyway? We've have those dolls again here and I thought they were just cleaning out their closets!

  12. Dreag that is so funny because the original title of the post was "Shame in the Air"!!!! LOL!!!

    Ok guys, now I have to go and find out what MD has for toys right now. About a month ago maybe, they had Alice in Wonderland dolls by Madame A but we got some strange one and never followed up. Now I'm going to go look.

  13. I think followers are posted in order that they joined so if you want to know who was following you first just look at your followers list (Annie, J, Oblidi Oblida...).

    Of course you don't have to follow to read, and I read for awhile before I decide to follow... anyway, no, I don't think I was reading two years ago, but I tend to go back and read archives when I start following a new blog so I read this post, does that count?

    Hope the Madame Alexander dolls at McDonalds right now are not ones you collect so you don't have to eat any more McNuggets! I would tell you, but even though I asked for a "girl toy" I got some weird blue dog you can write on instead.

    Mary in TX

  14. Nope...not two years. I found you through Too True Tues(day), which I miss BTW. :)


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